Morris: 2019 Class Came to Tennessee to 'Make a Difference and Start the Turnaround'


Wanya Morris was the cornerstone of Tennessee's 2019 recruiting class after committing to Jeremy Pruitt's program on May 1st, 2018. Morris came out of the high school ranks as one of the elite players in the country, and he lived up to that billing during his freshman season on Rocky Top. Morris garnered freshman All-American honors during his first season in Knoxville, and he is now set for a sophomore campaign that will prove pivotal for Jeremy Pruitt's tenure. 

Morris was a key part in building Jeremy Pruitt's first full recruiting class on Rocky Top, and his comments on the latest episode of 'The Slice' suggests that he has a lot left to prove during his time in Knoxville. 

Funderburg mentioned to Morris about a group message with the Freshman class, and Morris responded, "we had a group message pretty early on with Brian (Maurer), Roman (Harrison), Henry (To'oto'o), it was a lot. We had a pretty good group message." 

Morris told Funderburg earlier in the episode, "after workouts and practice, you come in with your brothers and talk about what happened, what is going on, and see if they have the same ideas or y'all feel the same way. That outlet is really helpful, and I really recommend it. I recommend going to school with your friends. Y'all help each other be great. It is perfect. I love it." 

Morris added, "We always talked about we could literally turn this place around. That is the whole reason we came here is to make a difference and start the turn around process. It is not going to happen in the next day. Rome wasn't built in a day, but we talked to each other like we can make a difference. We can really do something here." 

"Coach Pruitt had us in a room one day before a game, and we were talking and catching up. It was me, him, Eric Gray, Brian, and Sean Brown. We were like man, this group right here, we could be something. Eric was like, man, you could be blocking for me, and I could be running the rock. I was like I am down, we can do this, we can turn it around. And look, we are almost there." 

Morris and the 2019 recruiting class finished 13th in the 247 Sports Team recruiting rankings, however, it was a class that filled several key needs and has already started to make their impact felt. 

You can listen to the full episode below