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Tennessee defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh known for ‘meticulous’ nature thus far

After joining Tennessee’s staff, it didn’t take long for Jimmy Brumbaugh to begin breaking down the Vols’ defensive line unit.

During media availability Wednesday, Tennessee senior defensive lineman Matthew Butler was asked about his new position coach, Jimmy Brumbaugh.

Butler didn’t hesitate to cite Brumbaugh’s greatest quality so far: his meticulous approach.

“Even before spring ball started, he was a guy who was meticulous about the details,” Butler said. “He knows his stuff. He didn’t vary from that at all. He told us how it was going to be and he’s been consistent with that.”

Butler also explained a moment rooted in detail, even just two days into Brumbaugh’s time in Knoxville.

“His second day here, he pulled up the Georgia game,” Butler said. “We could’ve done some things that could’ve changed the game. He went through it with a fine comb. That’s pretty impressive from a player to coach standpoint.”

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”He texted us a few minutes ago with clips to look at for practice,” Butler continued. “I really can’t over-emphasize it enough: very meticulous about the details.”

Aside from discussing his new position coach, Butler also provided analysis on the Vols’ freshmen defensive linemen and how they’ve adapted so far:

They’re looking more like SEC guys and going to have great careers here.“

He was also asked whether Tennessee’s defensive linemen overachieved last year.

Butler responded by saying that, if anything, the unit underachieved since they “didn’t finish no. 1 in the country.”

With that mindset, Brumbaugh’s coaching and a strong unit of underclassmen, Tennessee’s defensive line should be an interesting one to watch this season.