Watch: Highlights From Tuesday's Practice As Tennessee Prepares for Alabama

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Tennessee is going to face their toughest test of the season on Saturday, as Nick Saban and the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide are heading to town. You can watch highlights from Tuesday's practice in the video above.

Earlier this week, Pruitt said:

“(We) went back and, to me, had a good practice last night. Probably one of the better practices we’ve had in quite some time, which was good to see. We’ve got to get ready for a really good Alabama team this week. If you look at them offensively, one of the most explosive teams in college football. Probably the most explosive team in college football. Really, really good up front. One of the better offensive lines I’ve seen in college football probably in my career. They obviously have dynamic playmakers on the outside, two really good runners, play multiple tight ends – four or five different tight ends – and Mac Jones is being as efficient as any quarterback that I’ve seen in this conference. Defensively, they have lots of talent up front, they’ve got talent in the back end, got really good linebackers. They’ve given up some plays a little bit this year, but I think some of it is circumstance. If you watch them offensively, they’re scoring so fast they have to play a lot of snaps on defense, which is a little bit different. It’s probably been the same the last couple years there. They’ve scored a lot of points and done it really quickly, which is probably different than the years that I coached there. The style of play is totally different, so they’re having to play more snaps. They got a really good return game. Got good specialists, so it’ll definitely be a challenge for us this week, and we really have to focus on ourselves.