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Walker Merrill

Brentwood High School (Brentwood, Tenn.)

Wide Receiver

6'1, 180 pounds

Tennessee History

Offered April 3rd, 2019

Committed March 31st,, 2020

Signed December 16th, 2020


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Do-it-all receiver who can work all three levels of the field. Stems routes effectively and has an extensive route tree. Most effective at the first and second level, but has explosive play ability at the third level. Will see time in Tennessee's rotation early on. 

VR2 on SI Signing Day Assessment

Impact Assessment

Tennessee has multiple talented receivers, however, Merrill brings a highly competitive edge to the room. If someone slacks, he is going to catch them. He works all three levels of the field efficiently. While, he doesn't project to start right away, his skill set setups for him to get early targets in Josh Heupel's offense. 

Latest Interview

What He is looking forward to the most about getting to Tennessee

"I am just looking forward to being great."