Peach State Edge Rusher High on Vols, Breaks Down Recruitment

Matthew Ray

Khristian Zachary is one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2021 recruiting class. His recruitment soared a couple of months back, and during that time, he has used his platform to bring his strong walk with faith to the public. The Carrolton (GA) product dubbed with the nickname 'The Reverend' breaks down how he handles his recruitment, what his interest in Tennessee is, and more here.

Tennessee was Zachary's first SEC offer over the winter, and his recruitment has skyrocketed since. He said on handling his recruitment surge, "I am just keeping god first in everything I do. I know that's what got me to point. So, I am just going to keep on doing it, and God will show me where I need to go."

Since that early offer, Tennessee has remained in contact with Zachary, and he said, "They always have great contact with me. They are very real when they speak to me."

He continued, " I just love how they give me a lot of love and a lot of knowledge on football." 

The appeal with Tennessee for Zachary boils down to how key of a role he could play in their defensive system and Jeremy Pruitt's history with elite edge rushers. Zachary said, "I love that it is one of the most important positions on the field and gives me a lot of responsibility." 

He continued on Pruitt's history, "it feels like a really big compliment to me to feel like I can be one of those guys for them." 

There is no timetable in place for when Zachary might make a decision, but he knows what it will come down to. He said, "being okay with what I stand for and who I am in Christ and making me a better football player, and also having a great relationship with the coaches." 

Zachary has been very vocal in his walk of faith, as evidenced below by a recent social media video he posted giving prayer to those affected by the Corona Virus. 

He said on how this has affected his recruitment, "he just gave me the confidence and strength I needed to succeed. He also gave me faith in that he could help me with my athletics and gave me the knowledge and power to produce on the field." 

Zachary added, "I felt that this process humbled me to actually be able to lean on God in circumstances where I didn't see with physical eyes the things to come but came to a realization that God is rooting for me through thick and thin." 

Zachary is rated as the nation's 524th overall prospect on