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Breaking: Coveted TE Ethan Davis Details Decision to Commit to Vols Over Ole Miss, Others

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While closing out the 2022 recruiting class, Tennessee has quietly worked to the top of the recruitment for prized 2023 tight end Ethan Davis of Collins Hill (Ga.). Davis, a vital part of Collins Hill's state 15-0 state title, is widely considered one of the best tight ends and players in the 2023 class. Moments ago, he announced his verbal commitment to Tennessee. Prior to his public announced, he detailed the decision with Volunteer Country on Sports Illustrated. 

"When I went there, not only on the game visit but on the unofficial around when all of this recruitment started to pick up for me, it just really felt like home for me. They have recruited me from the jump—from spring to now—being able to talk with Coach Golesh at least two times a week and them always texting me. My family really felt at home in Knoxville, so that really sealed the deal."

Davis's older sister is a current student at Tennessee, which was another favorable factor for the Vols. 

"Being able to go up there and go to school with my sister just means a lot," Davis said. "We never got to go to school together because she was always older than me, so just being able to do that with her and see how it is and make more memories and get closer to her will be great."

So when did Davis know that he was going to choose the Vols over Ole Miss, Georgia, Penn State, and numerous others? 

"I told Coach Golesh and Coach Heup on Thursday night I was coming to Tennessee," he said. "Man, they were screaming through the phone. They were really excited I was coming. I have kind of known where I was going for a while now. It kind of came down to them and Ole Miss, but Coach Golesh has been to the school three times in the last two weeks to check up on me through my coaches. Him doing that and their excitement through the phone, I could tell them were genuinely excited about me coming there. We are going to get this rocking."

Even though Golesh cannot have face-to-face contact with Davis, he still went to Collins Hill multiple times to just check in on him via his coaches, and that is something that meant a lot to the coveted tight end, and it makes him even more excited to play for him. 

"It means a lot," Davis said. "We have talked about that on the phone a lot. He has been the guy recruiting me, but he will also be the guy coaching my position and calling the plays. I truly believe he will be able to develop me into an elite tight end and be one of the best in the nation and help me get to that next level and be the best I can be."

With his junior season in the books and his commitment to the Vols locked in, Davis is ready to turn his attention to helping build a bright future in Knoxville. 

"We are definitely going to get this thing picking up," he said. "This is only the start. Now we are going to be able to recruit guys. I am going to tell people that is where I am committed and that my mindset is not changing. Being able to bring other high-level players to Tennessee because our program is definitely going in the right direction, and I feel like other guys are going to want to be a part of that."

Davis will not have to look far to start his peer recruiting efforts. 

"Two of my teammates are highly rated guys," Davis said of this. "Jayden Davis and Dion Crawford, they both have offers from Tennessee, so I am going to come after them to try and get them to come to Rocky Top. From there, I am just going to reach out to all of the recruits in Georgia and tell them Tennessee is where you want to be at. I have been to a lot of schools, like UGA, Ole Miss, Florida State, and nothing felt like home like Tennessee."

So, what kind of player are the Vols getting in the 6'4", 215lbs do-it-all tight end?

"They are getting a good teammate. A guy who will not only want success for himself but for his teammates even more. A guy who wants to see everybody win. A dude who is coming in willing to work and is not scared of adversity. A winner, I mean going to Collins Hill, I am around that winning culture. I am bringing a winning mindset to Tennessee, and not nothing negative. Just doing whatever play is best for the team to get the win. If that means me having 10 catches for 150 yards or no catches and blocking to free my teammates up and get them open, that is what I am going to do.