Elite 2024 QB Set to Visit Tennessee

2024 QB Jadyn Davis is set to visit Tennessee on Wednesday
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Catawba Ridge (S.C) 2024 signal-caller Jadyn Davis will visit Tennessee tomorrow, according to his Twitter. 

Davis is currently the only 2024 QB the Bols have offered to this point, and he is one of the nation’s premier prospects, as he has already drawn comparisons to Justin Fields. 

"I was in class, and my coach texted me and asked if I was at school that day because he knew I had just flown back in from QB Collective the night before," Davis told Volunteer Country on Sports Illustrated at the time of the offer. "He said that he talked to Tennessee, and we were going to give them a call back during the fourth period since he is my fourth-period teacher."

"Then, in fourth block, he handed me the phone, and Coach Halzle was on the phone," Davis said at the time.  "He started talking about he would like me to get up there to Knoxville sometime. Then he pretty much said that I have a scholarship offer to the University of Tennessee. He just wanted me to know they are serious about me, and he wanted to give me an offer, and he wants me to get up to Knoxville in the summer."

Being the only prospect Tennessee has offered at the position was special to Davis. 

"It means a lot to me that the coaching staff has the faith for me to come and be the guy and be the quarterback for the Vols if I was to go there," he said. “ It means a lot to me just knowing the history of Tennessee quarterbacks, obviously the GOAT Peyton Manning, in my opinion, and them having faith in me as a 2024 kid. I don't have a decision made up, and it is going to be a long time until I have a decision made up, but just knowing they have the faith in me to think I can come in and lead their team to success and, hopefully, a national championship means a lot to me."

Davis was impressed with Halze during the conversation between the two at the time of the offer and he will look to build on that tomorrow. 

"It was short, simple, sweet, and to the point, honestly," Davis said of the conversation with Halzle. "He just wanted to make sure that I knew they were serious about me being their guy, and he wanted to make sure that I got up to Knoxville this summer to see what they have to offer, and just that they know they are serious about me and that they want me to lead the Vols."

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