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Florida State Commit Keldric Faulk Takes Another Look at Tennessee on Saturday

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Highland Park (Ala.) defensive lineman Keldric Faulk was high on Tennessee before committing to Florida State in July, and while still firm in his commitment to the Seminoles, Faulk took another look at the Vols as they hosted No.20 Florida in a 38-33 thriller. 

"I came up here with my little cousin today," Faulk said of what led him to Tennessee on Saturday. "He got offered by Tennessee recently, so, he wanted me to come along with the ride. It (offering his cousin) means a lot because it shows that what we are doing down there at Highland Home is right."

Despite committing to Florida State, Faulk has maintained an open line of communication with Tennessee's staff. 

It's still been the same since I first started communicating with them," he said of this. "We still talk like we always have. I don't leave Highland Home until December anyways, so they are going to still be on me."

For Faulk, he came in expecting a great atmosphere, and Tennessee delivered. 

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"It was as loud as I expected it to be," he said of this. "I thought the defense played well all night, especially the defensive line. The defensive line played tremendous all night and got after the quarterback."

Faulk remains locked in with the Seminoles, but he hasn't closed the door just yet on Tennessee. 

"I'm obviously still committed, but I still got a little more time to think about stuff, but I may look into it a little more," he said on if this visit will lead to him taking more a look at Tennessee. 

Auburn is another school that is heavily contacting the standout prospect, and the home state Tigers are not relenting either, but Faulk did note that he has no idea what it would take fora. school to flip him away from Florida sate. 

"Right now, I really don't even know. I just don't know."