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In-State LB Edwin Spillman Talks Vols Camp, Recruitment

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In-state linebacker Edwin Spillman did not have to camp at Tennessee on Sunday evening, but he wanted to. He is strongly considering the Vols and wanted to see what linebackers Coach Brian Jean-Mary was like as a coach. Spillman discussed the camp and more with Volunteer Country. 

"Really, I just wanted to come to see coach BJ's coaching style and see how he coaches recruits and players," Spillman said of the decision to camp with Tennessee. "That's really the only reason I came."

Spillman enjoyed his time getting coached up by Jean-Mary during the camp session. 

"I really like how he pushes his players and how he's real with them," Spillman said of his takeaway from Jean-Mary's coaching style. "I was expecting him to be a hard coach but also a guy who is going to have your back. That just made me see more of what I was thinking."

Spillman admits every time he comes back to Tennessee that it is a "huge learning experience," and this time, it was learning inside of his own game.

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"My drops and everything like that," Spillman said of what he learned during the camp. "Just how the coaches coach and how they expect their players to go balls to the wall all the time, and that's what I really like, and that's how I feel like I play."

Now, after trips to Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Ohio State this month, Spillman will turn his attention to what visits he will take in the fall as well as focusing on his Junior season.

"I really haven't set out the whole visit plans yet," he said of this. "I'll probably go to Tennessee, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Clemson, and other schools."

Spillman plans to release a list of favorites sooner than later as he starts to narrow his focus toward finding his future college home. 

He admits his brother, Nate, who is also committed to the Vols, is recruiting him and letting him go through the process independently. However, the dream of playing together at the next level is strong.