Long-Time Vols Target Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins Set to Announce His College Decision

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Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins has been one of Tennessee's top defensive targets for the entire 2021 cycle, Tennessee has been at or close to the top of Ingram-Dawkins's recruitment for months, and he is now set to announce his decision. He will announce at 5:30 on the CBS Sports Headquarters.

His final four comes down to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. While sources have indicated that Georgia has surged over the last month, Tennessee has continued to remain a factor leading up to the decision. Below is a video interview from a recent trip we took to see the SI All-American Candidate to break down his finalists. 

Below is Ingram-Dawkins's SI All-American Evaluation

Projected Position: Defensive Tackle

Frame: Big and tall. Adequate width and mass across upper body. Long, powerful arms. Thick, tightly-wound thighs and trunk with developing calves. Ample room for more mass and muscle.

Athleticism: Strong, fluid and explosive. Overwhelms high-school linemen with power. Moves like player 30 pounds smaller, with quick feet and flexible hips. Impressive speed and burst in box and open field.

Instincts: Extremely physical. Regularly first off the ball. Gets into linemen’s chest with long arms, winning matchups almost before they begin. Sheds blockers with frightening ease if engaged post-snap. Effective in pursuit from backside; never gives up on play.

Polish: Takes full advantage of arm length, strength. Hand-fighting needs work. Fires out low, but tendency to play upright. Raw pass-rusher who relies on tools; must add, develop technique.

Bottom Line: Ingram-Dawkins possesses every physical attribute recruiters look for from defensive linemen. Already versatile enough to play multiple roles in different schemes, and will only grow more so with additional weight and strength. Projects as multi-year impact starter and eventual NFL draft pick.