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Vols WR Commit Cameron Miller Enjoys In-Home Visit From Heupel, Assistants

When Josh Heupel arrived in Knoxville, one of the first recruiting calls he made was to Memphis-area standout Cameron Miller. Miller, a star athlete at Memphis Academy of Health&Sciences, will admit that the coaching shakeup at the time had him unsure about a future at Tennessee. But, months of persistent recruiting from Heupel & company led to a July verbal commitment from the multi-sport standout. On Monday evening, Miller and his family welcomed the Vols head coach and multiple assistants into their house for an in-home visit. Miller recaps the visit and more here.

"It felt great having them over last night," Miller said. "Just showing them how we do it in Memphis. Coach Heupel liked the food and just liked being around us. We talked a lot about football and what his expectations and UT's expectations are on and off the field. We talked a lot about life problems and how to handle them. Having coaches around means a lot because it shows how much they care."

During the visit, Miller had a chance to watch the Monday Night Football game with Heupel, but he could tell the Tennessee Head Coach's main priority was on his own team.

"We were just watching a little football,"he said.  "I could tell he likes to focus on his team, though. He knows what a good play is and what the teams were running, but he doesn't really keep up with the (NFL) players as much. We were just sitting down and talking  ball, about what his team is going to do moving forward. It was fun to have him over to talk about some personal stuff. I think that was the best part about him coming over."

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Miller's recruitment is now nearing a close as he gets ready to sign with Tennessee in December and potentially early enroll. It was a good feeling for him on Monday night when Heupel, Jerry Mack, Willie Martinez, and Tim Banks came into his home because he knew his recruitment with the Vols had come full-circle.

"When he first called me (in January), I didn't know what to expect," Miller said. "I thought he would be a guy who would just call once a month. But he changed my mind on that when he started calling or texting 2-3 times a week. That showed me he really cared and wants me as an in-state guy. But coming full circle with him felt good and meeting with him and the whole staff he brought was nice. All of them have experience and have been on a winning team or a championship team, so all the position coaches he has our great. They're just excited to get back to winning once we get this class in and we have some depth."