WATCH: Dylan Brooks talks improvements, offensive talent, Vols’ edge rush and more after win

See those Alabama gloves in the picture? Well, looks can be deceiving.
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Looks can be deceiving. 

Tennessee commitment Dylan Brooks wore Alabama gloves on Thursday night, but according to Brooks, the Crimson Tide are the furthest thing from his mind.

In a postgame chat with VR2 on SI Thursday, Brooks reiterated his commitment to Tennessee and that he’s “locked in” with the Vols.

Brooks also discussed Tennessee’s edge rush, improvements he’s looking for this season and even success he’s found on offense.

Brooks spent time in Knoxville last weekend with Amarius Mims and was asked about the time and conversation for potential practice battles next season, as well.

Granted, Brooks is known for his abilities at defensive end. 

After all, those abilities are why he is listed as one of the top recruits in the nation and remains a core piece for Jeremy Pruitt’s 2021 class.

On Thursday night, though, Brooks also flashed quite a bit of talent at tight end. 

Offensively, he hauled in one pass for a touchdown and another for a crucial two-point conversion.

For his defensive showing, Brooks nabbed an interception, recovered a fumble, batted down a pass and used his size to bully into the backfield on several occasions. 

For Brooks’ take on offense, defense and everything in between, watch the video above.