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13 Texas Longhorn Football Players Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Another 10 are currently self-isolating after contact tracing.

According to University of Texas officials, 13 Texas Longhorns athletes have tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Longhorns have been conducting tests on every player as they continue the "onboarding process", a series of tests looking for both an active infection from the novel coronavirus and antibodies showing past infections. 

Another 10 athletes are currently undergoing self-isolation. 

Including two reported from initial surveillance testing last week, as of Thursday, Texas Athletics has had 13 total Football student-athletes who have confirmed positive COVID-19 PCR test results or are presumed positive, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sports Medicine & Performance Allen Hardin said. All 13 are now self-isolating. Through contact tracing, 10 more Football student-athletes are in self-quarantine, all of whom are asymptomatic at this time. In addition, Texas has identified four Football student-athletes who have tested positive for the COVID-19 antibody. Any additional updates will be reported as that information becomes available.

The NCAA lifted the ban on offseason workouts on June 1 and Texas student athletes began returning to campus. Last week, upperclassmen who don't live on campus returned and this week it was underclassmen living in the dorms. 

The Big 12 didn't lift its ban on players working out on campus until June 15. 

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