Harrison Barnes, "Wife and Mother Overcoming COVID-19"

Quierra Luck

Finally, since his return to the NBA, former Tar Heel Harrison Barnes, announced that his wife and mother were also positive for COVID-19.

"Just seeing her go through that process was scary," Barnes told CNN. "It definitely put things in perspective, and now that we've been through it, I encourage everybody else to take COVID very seriously."

The good news is that Barnes' family has made the crucial turn for a return to health. He stated that he wasn't going to return to the NBA unless he felt comfortable leaving his family behind. Barnes further explained the various ways COVID-19 can affect different people. Though he was non-symptomatic, that wasn't the case for the entire household.

"Everyone thinks that it will happen to somebody else or, 'If I get it, hopefully, I'll be asymptomatic,' but we had three people in my house who all contracted it. Each of us had a different experience," he told CNN Wednesday night. "So, I would definitely encourage people to be safe."

Two weeks ago, Barnes and the Kings announced his positive COVID-19 results and decided to stay back until he's cleared. He was the fourth King to test positive; Buddy Hield, Jabari Parker, and Alex Len tested positive for the virus. Hield and Parker have reported to Orlando but must retake the test and result in negative before they can fully rejoin their team. Recently, Richaun Holmes had to self-quarantine due to breaking the bubble to pick food from delivery, restarting his 10-day quarantine mandate.

Barnes waited in Sacramento for 20 days before heading to Orlando. He had to clear two negative COVID-19 tests before being allowed to join the Kings in practice. 

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A.J. Black
A.J. Black

These stories are so tough. I'm glad to hear that Barnes and his family are on the mends.