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Roy Williams on Kerwin Walton's Growth and Kawhi-esque Qualities

Roy Williams discuss freshmen Kerwin Walton transition and communication on the floor.

Kerwin Walton entered Chapel Hill as one of the best shooters on the team. As a senior at Hopkins High, Walton is ranked 91 overall in the 2020 class and No. 5 in Minnesota; He averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds his senior season. Walton started playing basketball in the 5th grade and states that getting ready and focused for the next level was a priority. 

Walton chose from the following schools, Creighton, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown.

As North Carolina being his chosen destination, Walton entered an intact family with high communication, something that has been working against him. Observations of the Minnesota native have been as reserved, and quiet but a lethal shooter; Everything a coach would want except the quiet part. 

Head coach Roy Williams described Walton as one of the best shooters, but the important thing he needs him to do is open up. 

"He is a very quiet youngster. It's hurting him badly right now. He doesn't want to talk to his teammates, nor does he want to talk to me." Williams said, "He doesn't want to talk on the defensive end of the floor and that's a huge negative; We've got to get him out of that. But he is developing as a player; I think he's getting better."

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Despite his reluctance to communicate, Walton has proved his ability to shoot, but overall, Williams hopes the freshman gets comfortable with the team soon. 

"He does have an ability to shoot the ball; His balls, got some weird spin on it but he ends up above the net a lot. We're hoping that it ends up there even more so this season. He's just got to feel comfortable and so far, I don't think he feels comfortable."

Comfortability is important for any player and Walton needs to look at Chapel Hill as more than a basketball destination but home. For however long he intends to stay at North Carolina, he needs to be reminded that everyone apart of that program is there for him 100% and if there is one thing Tar Heels pride themselves on is family. 

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