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Leaky Black: Team Would "Run Through Brick Wall" For Hubert Davis

Senior says first year coach gives team confidence

Leaky Black played shutdown defense on AJ Griffin to help get UNC to the National Championship Game. The Duke shooter is just the latest scorer on a long list that Black has shut down this season. 

Hubert Davis is glad that his senior defensive specialist has gotten national exposure. 

"It's been great," he said. "I'm so glad that nationally people are seeing how good a defender Leaky is. He's not just a good defender, he's elite. He's next-level defensively. His length and athleticism, his versatility. Last night he was guarding A.J., he was guarding Paolo, he was guarding Wendell. Throughout the year we've tried to split him in half to be able to guard two people at once. He's fantastic."

Black is not a one-dimensional player, though. 

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"It's not just his defense," Davis said. "It's his experience and leadership and his ability to make plays. Like he has the best assist-to-turnover ratio on the team. When we needed somebody to step up and make some jump shots, Leaky did that. It's just all year long, when we have needed Leaky to make a play, he's always stepped up and made a play. But defensively you guys have seen nationally -- there can't be more than two or three better wings defensively than Leaky."

Black is equally impressed by his first-year head coach.

“Coach Davis has given us confidence and toughness,” Black said. “We say we want to run through a brick wall, but he literally gets us so pumped up before a game, that’s literally what we’re feeling.”