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NBA First Looks: Bucks' Marvin Williams Ready for Championship Run

After resting due to COVID-19, Marvin Williams is looking to dominate in Orlando and walk away with the trophy.

Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2005 NBA Draft, Williams spent seven seasons in Atlanta Hawks maturing into the OG of the locker room; he averaged 11.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and helped take the Hawks to the playoffs five straight years. After spending only two years in Utah, Williams made his way back home to North Carolina playing for Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets. During his tenure, Williams recorded 9.4 points and 5.1 rebounds, becoming the sound and reliable player in the locker room.

In February of 2020, Williams was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. Not too long after, COVID-19 paused the NBA season forcing it to shut down as the seriousness of the virus began to take precedent over the immediate completion of the season. The NBA will be continuing the season in Orlando, Florida in a bubble without fans. The Bucks are seen as finals contenders going head to head with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Williams is often described as the one player who doesn't care about minutes or glory; he wants to play ball and make sure everyone wins. In his interview, Williams displays those qualities with sound answers and a quiet but meaningful demeanor; qualities his teammates, former and current, admire him for. 

“I think guys feel good. We have a team full of professionals, a lot of veterans that have been around the league for a long time. So guys kind of know what they should be doing when you’re not playing basketball. So I think guys have done a great job of taking care of their bodies. Obviously you still have to work your way back into game shape, and guys are going to start working on that the next couple of weeks, but in general, I think guys are in pretty good shape and they fell good to be back.”

Joining the Bucks, Williams wanted to create that team chemistry, the bond needed for trust on the court; as a veteran he feels obligated to be the stability his team needs. In their first bubble scrimmage where the bucks defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 113-92, Williams was the first player to come off the bench playing 14 minutes and scoring 7 points.

During press, Williams spoke to the benefit of COVID-19 forcing players to take a break; forcing him to slow down and heal his body.

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“Selfishly, in a way, it’s benefited me a lot. In a sense that I’ve been able to slow down a little bit. I’ve been able to get used to Milwaukee. I’ve had a chance to slow down and kind of learn the offense a little bit. My body is healed, I feel a lot better now. I’ve definitely benefited from it, so I’m certainly thankful.”

Just a few weeks ago, on 'The Player and the Fan' podcast, Williams hinted at possibly retiring if the Bucks are able to accomplish a championship. After 15 years in the NBA, Williams is one of the longer tenured Carolina players left in the league; Vince Cater just recently retired. 

Can the Bucks complete Williams' run?

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