If You Want to See Tar Heel Sports, Wear a Mask!!!

Quierra Luck

It should be simple enough to ask people to wear a mask politely, but sadly, it has gotten to the point of begging. 

Sports can't happen without you, the fan, participating in a team effort to make sure we are all safe. And while you may presume masks are a silly attempt to keep lovely strangers from seeing you smile and therefore, you refuse to wear one, this of it as the Tar Heels being down by four in the second half the final 1:30 against Duke; it'll take all hands on decks to get this big win in Cameroon Indoor. 

It's easy to think solely of you during this time, but as we try and heal the country as one, it'll take us as a unit, to contribute to the well-being of human beings. One person can't do this alone; it's impossible. 

This is the one uncomplicated thing that can help us return to 'normal,' wearing a mask. As much as the world screams of normality and sports, the one thing that will accomplish that goal, people are refusing to do. The longer it takes for the world to comply, the further normalcy becomes attainable. 

We can do this. 

In short videos below, Coach Roy Williams, Mack Brown, and players are all demonstrating and asking you to wear your mask so sports can return. 

Let's care about each other beyond our selfishness. There's more at play here than a basketball or football game; it's saving lives. Even if you don't understand the science or the existence, believe it enough to keep someone breathing. 

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