Coach Mack Doubles Down on Education, 'Unique Times Call for Unique Actions'

Quierra Luck

Football Coach Mack Brown has been adamant about finding recruits who not only want to play for UNC but want a degree. It's something you don't see too often in coaches, doubling down on the education aspect when recruiting. Coach Mack not only looks for level-headed recruits, but his staff reflects the values he preaches.

In the current climate, COVID-19 and stay at home orders, we are facing unique situations that are requiring us to adapt in ways we didn't think were possible (we now know that meetings can be emails) but it's students who are tasked with the difficulties of learning at home. From discovering new programs such as Zoom to being at home without personal academic support, Coach Mack Brown is making sure he stays on top of his athletes to ensure their academic success.

"We've got a lot of the guys in great academic shape, and obviously 13 of them came in early;W e always have a few that need to finish strong. Now we are looking at them still having the SAT/ACT available." Brown said on Zoom, "Some guys might need that at the end but the fact that all the High School kids have to go back online, and they're doing that for the first time, many of them. So it's unique in all the areas because we can't help them academically; we can't get them, counselors, so we got to lean on them to step up and be strong. We have to lean on the High school coaches and their faculty to make sure their teaching is right. I'm not the only one learning Zoom; they're learning it as well, I'm spending more time with it (Zoom) than I am with Sally. It'll be different ways for them to learn, and they're just going to have to step up. Unique times calls for unique actions."

Brown is aware of the lack of support he can provide them; instead he makes consistent calls to remind them that finishing high school strong will lead to successful college academics,

"We've talked to every one of them and said 'You've got to step up and do more than your professor or high school teacher is going to ask you to do.' Being very honest, they're going to have to do that when they get to college. We want to make sure they finish strong."

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