UNC Extends Offer to Diego Pounds

Jonah Lossiah

The Tar Heels are after a new offensive line prospect in 2021 offensive tackle Diego Pounds.

Pounds is a three-star prospect out of Raleigh and was listed as an SI All-American candidate. He plays his high school ball at Millbrook and has received what is most likely one of the last offers that is expected out of Mack Brown and company.

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after Jared Wilson announced his decommitment from North Carolina. Wilson, who is also an offensive tackle, flipped his decision back to the Georgia Bulldogs. He had initially committed to UGA at the beginning of the year.

The Carolina coaching staff obviously were not content with leaving that position empty in the 2021 cycle, and they have sprung quickly to try and fill the gap. It would seem that Wilson’s decision was discussed and expected, which would have given UNC some time to begin looking.

While it is easy to draw the comparison between the two tackles given the speed at which this offer came, that is not to take anything away from Pounds.

He boosts an impressive frame at 6’6” and more than 300 pounds, and his strength is apparent. He has good athleticism for the tackle position, though he could probably shift inside to guard if need be. As he continues to work on his strength there is no doubt he has the size and natural ability to be a tackle at the collegiate level.

Something that is good to see at the high school stage is a lineman that relishes finishing blocks. It’s easy to rely on your natural advantages, but Pounds consistently is seen running down field and driving defenders to the whistle or into the ground.

Pounds has had plenty of attention on the recruiting trail, so far. He has received offers from the likes of Alabama, LSU, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Miami, NC State and many more. His stock has been rising quite a bit this year. 

There is no doubt that the 2021 UNC commits will be swarming to Pounds to recruit him. The Tar Heels will be hoping that they can use some home cooking to keep him in-state and wearing Carolina blue. 

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Quierra Luck
Quierra Luck


I heard this offer was long overdue for a player of his caliber.