Coach Mack, 'We did it at Texas and We Can do it at Carolina'

Quierra Luck

In 2005, the most storied college basketball game was played; two 12-0 teams, two high profiled collegiate football programs. College superstars such as Vince Young, Reggie Bush, LenDale White, and Matt Leinhart are at the height of their careers; What a time to be alive.

Thursday evening, ESPN aired the 2006 Rose Bowl, which is the most-watched college football game, between the two teams and fans were gifted with now UNC head coach, Mack Brown, live-tweeting during the broadcast; The catch was he was tweeting from the perspective of his head coaching days. In 2006, he was bringing home football gold with Texas. Brown brought Texas their first national championship in 34 years. 

Also known as Coach February, due to his recruiting skills, Brown's live-tweeting showcased the high emotions of winning from behind and motivating his team to "be themselves." Carolina fans didn't seem to mind too much of Brown's reminiscing because he always brought the attention back home, especially reminding fans that if we did it at Texas, we could do it at Carolina. Below are some of his tweets, 

  1. A month of hype. Two supremely talented teams. A beautiful setting. We were ready to play. 
  2. We were a Top 5 program here before and we’re headed there now. It’s going to happen.
  3. How about Vince Young? One of the greatest to ever play. He was such a competitor and led a great group of guys to a championship.
  4. We got the stop. At that point, we felt like we were going to score and win the National Championship
  5. We had 33 players on this team that went on to play in the NFL. 12 of them were Pro Bowlers. And they were all great people.
  6. One of my favorite elements from the National Championship game in ‘06 was the TV opening with Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell. An example of the hype and star power around that game. 

And the highlighted tweet of the night,

"We did it. We were National Champions. We did it at Texas and we can do it at Carolina".