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Another notable injury from the 2021 football season, freshman linebacker Ethan Calvert's career at Utah got off to a rocky start after he sustained a season-ending knee injury in the very first game against Weber State. Now continuing to rehab his knee and get back into the swing of playing football, Calvert is focused on getting better everyday and learning as much as he can.

As previously mentioned, Calvert experienced a season-ending knee injury against Weber State in just his first collegiate game. Confirmed by Calvert himself during this weeks media availability, he actually tore his ACL on one of his first plays and has been nursing that injury ever since.

"I tore my ACL first game last year," Calvert said. "I actually didn't know that I tore it because I didn't know what that feels like or anything. My knee just popped, I ran off the field and they told me that I'm done. It is what it is. I just try to get my knee stronger everyday and learn all the plays mentally so when I came back, I come back full speed."

A difficult challenge for anyone, but especially disappointing for Calvert, as the highly anticipated four-star recruit's career was put on hold for a time in order to nurse the injury. Even though it wasn't easy, Calvert remained focused on helping out in whatever capacity he could while still trying to learn the plays.

"I knew obviously I wasn't going to be playing that year because of my injury, so my mindset was just trying to learn the plays as much as I can, trying to help out anybody as much as I can and pointing out things from the sideline that maybe they didn't see on the field," Calvert explained.

As for now, the good news is that Calvert's knee is continuing to get stronger each and every day as he readapts to the college level in anticipation for when he fully returns.

"Every practice my knee is starting to feel better and better," Calvert said. "I feel like I'm brushing off the rust a little bit and starting to know the plays a little more. Just getting more comfortable out feels good just getting back into the groove of things."

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