Kyle Whittingham says Bo Nix comes from mold of future Hall of Fame quarterback

Utes coach gave Denver Broncos rookie passer high praise going into 2024 season
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Kyle Whittingham has a deep familiarity with Bo Nix. The Utah Utes coach led his team into battle with the Oregon Ducks and their prolific passer last year and got dominated on the way to a 35-6 victory, largely due to Nix's performance. It was a game to forget for those in Salt Lake City, but also one Whittingham recently reflected on.

Nix showcased his skills by throwing for 248 yards with a remarkable 77.3 percent completion rating, matching his season’s record-setting average. He accounted for three touchdowns without any turnovers, which left a lasting impression on Whittingham.

"Boy, he did a number on us last year," Whittingham told DNVR. “He is tremendous.” Whittingham emphasized Nix’s exceptional accuracy and quick decision-making abilities. “He’s got that ultimate field general mentality that you want in a quarterback,” he noted.

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Nix’s ability to avoid sacks and make swift decisions further impressed Whittingham, who highlighted these traits as crucial for a successful quarterback. The longtime Utes coach even drew a comparison between Nix and future Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees, noting similarities in their playing styles.

“I don’t know Drew Brees, all I did was watch him from afar, but there are some similarities there,” Whittingham said. “I think Coach Payton is really going to like Bo and I think he’s probably going to find that there’s probably a lot of common ground between him and Drew Brees. Now, he’s got miles to go before he gets to that level. Obviously, Drew Brees was one of the best to ever do it. But that’s the mold he comes from, in my opinion.”

The praise from Whittingham, who's the second-longest tenured head coach in the FBS, extends beyond mere statistics. He pointed out Nix's intangibles, describing him as an “alpha dog” who exudes leadership and commands the offense effectively. His high regard for Nix, encapsulated by comparisons to Brees and descriptions of his leadership and performance, underscores the significant impression Nix left on him during their encounters in the Pac-12 Conference.

Kenny Lee