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St. Bonaventure Defeats Virginia 52-51 | NIT Men's Basketball Live Updates

Score updates and live analysis for Virginia vs. St. Bonaventure in the quarterfinals of the National Invitation Tournament
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Follow along with score updates and live analysis for the Virginia Cavaliers (21-13) vs. St. Bonaventure Bonnies (22-9) men's basketball game in the quarterfinals of the National Invitation Tournament on Tuesday night at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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Final. St. Bonaventure 52, Virginia 51

Lofton makes the second free throw to give the Bonnies the lead. UVA inbounds to Kihei Clark, who dribbles the length of the court and drives to the basket but has his shot blocked by Osunniyi as time expired. Virginia falls to St. Bonaventure 52-51 and UVA's season comes to an end in the NIT quarterfinals. 

St. Bonaventure 51, Virginia 51 | 5.3 remaining

Lofton drives to the rim and Virginia has three defenders rotate over to block the shot but Franklin is called for a foul. Lofton makes the first to tie the game at 50-50 with 5.3 remaining. Tony Bennett calls timeout before the second free throw. 

St. Bonaventure 50, Virginia 51 | 10.9 remaining

Virginia gets the ball inbounds to Jayden Gardner, who is immediately fouled. Gardner misses the front end and St. Bonaventure gets the ball back with a chance to take the lead. Holmes drives on Franklin and loses possession but the ball hits Franklin's foot and rolls out of bounds. Bonnies maintain possession with 10.9 seconds remaining. 

St. Bonaventure 50, Virginia 51 | 20.8 remaining

Holmes misses a runner and Shedrick comes down with a tough defensive rebound. St. Bonaventure has to foul a couple of times to get UVA into the bonus and eventually Armaan Franklin makes his way to the free throw line. Franklin makes the first, but misses the second and it's a four-point game. Dominick Welch knocks down a crazy off-balance three-pointer to cut it to a one-point game with 20.8 remaining. 

St. Bonaventure 47, Virginia 50 | 46.4 remaining

Holmes drives strong to the basket and is fouled by Franklin. Holmes makes both to cut it to a three-point game. Beekman drives to the basket and Holmes flops, which apparently works perfectly as the refs call another offensive foul on Beekman and he is out of the game. JPJ is reasonably irate. The refs deliver with an immediate makeup call as they call a moving screen on Osunniyi. Jayden Gardner gets a good look at a floater but it rims out. St. Bonaventure calls timeout with 46.4 remaining. 

St. Bonaventure 45, Virginia 50 | 2:09 2H

Virginia gets another defensive stop, but on the ensuing possession, Reece Beekman drives through the lane and Osunniyi takes the charge, resulting in Beekman's fourth personal foul. 

St. Bonaventure 45, Virginia 50 | 2:58 2H

Kyle Lofton drives on Clark and hits a floater. It's a 7-0 run for the Bonnies to reclaim the lead. Clark is fouled from behind by Lofton and Clark makes both free throws. Jalen Adaway hits a deep three-pointer right before the shot clock expired. Beekman drives to the basket, absorbs some contact from Osunniyi, and makes the tough layup. Franklin cuts to the corner and hits a catch-and-shoot three-pointer to put the Cavaliers back in front. Kadin Shedrick makes a great defensive play to pick the pass intended for Osunniyi in the post. Franklin hits a three-pointer from the other corner to cap an 8-0 Virginia run. JPJ is rocking at the Cavaliers go back up by five points with less than three minutes to play. 

St. Bonaventure 40, Virginia 40 | 6:30 2H

Coulibaly hits a mid-range jumper out of the timeout for St. Bonaventure. Stattmann's three-pointer hits the rim four times and doesn't fall, but Caffaro is there for the rebound and lays it in. A defensive breakdown leaves Osunniyi wide open at the rim, so Beekman fouls him to prevent the layup. Osunniyi makes both free throws. Kihei Clark threads a pass on the baseline to Reece Beekman under the basket and he quickly lays it in. Adaway pump fakes a three-pointer in the corner, drives baseline, and finishes with a crafty reverse layup. Dominick Welch knocks down a three-pointer from the right win to tie the game at 40-40. 

St. Bonaventure 31, Virginia 36 | 11:37 2H

Clark finds Shedrick in the paint and Osunniyi fouls him. Shedrick makes both free throws to give UVA a five-point lead, its largest lead of the game. Shedrick blocks Adaway's shot and it leads to a fast-break opportunity for UVA, but Clark turns the ball over as he tried to find Franklin and that leads to a layup for Welch on the other end. Gardner's jumper misses but the rebound goes right to Shedrick for a putback. Clark turns it over again as Lofton takes it away and feeds up to Holmes for a transition dunk. Beekman drives baseline and sends a great bounce pass to Shedrick who soars to the rim for a powerful dunk. 

St. Bonaventure 27, Virginia 30 | 15:04 2H

Jaren Holmes cuts backdoor on Reece Beekman and gets the pass from Osunniyi for the layup. Franklin's three is long and Gardner gets the offensive rebound and puts it back up. Osunniyi blocks it but is called for goaltending and the basket counts. Gardner knocks down a baseline jumper off the pass from Beekman. Osunniyi gets free under the basket for an open dunk. Virginia gets one right back as Clark lobs up top to Shedrick for a slam dunk. Gardner gets the ball on the low block and steps back into a fadeaway jumper to tie the game. He has six of Virginia's eight points in the second half. Osunniyi misses a layup but the refs call a late foul on Shedrick and Osunniyi goes to line and makes both free throws. Armaan Franklin gets the pass from Clark at the right wing and hits his third three-pointer of the night to put UVA back in front. After another Virginia stop, the Cavaliers get an offensive rebound and Gardner hits a fadeaway jumper from just above the free throw line. UVA has made six of its last seven shots to take a three-point lead. Kihei Clark draws a charge and the JPJ crowd goes into a frenzy. 

Halftime. St. Bonaventure 21, Virginia 17

Lofton makes the free throw to put the Bonnies up four points. Kihei Clark maneuvers inside and passes to Gardner at the left elbow for a jumper. Jaren Holmes drives inside and finishes off the glass. Reece Beekman nearly comes up with a steal but Lofton is able to get it back and dribbles into an open mid-range jumper to put St. Bonaventure up by six. Virginia uses some nice ball movement as the ball moves from Clark to Beekman to Stattmann, who then drives baseline before giving off to Caffaro for a one-handed flush. UVA got a stop on what should have been St. Bonaventure's final possession of the first half but Kody Stattmann tips the rebound away from Gardner and out of bounds to give the Bonnies another chance. St. Bonaventure gives it right back to UVA for an illegal screen on Osunniyi. Kody Stattmann puts up an off-balanced shot at the buzzer and it misses short. Virginia trails by four points at the half. 

St. Bonaventure 16, Virginia 13 | 3:44 1H

Virginia fails to come up with an offensive rebound despite having multiple chances at it and then the Bonnies get out in transition and Welch finds Osunniyi for a layup. Kadin Shedrick takes a charge on Osunniyi. Clark misses a jumper and the Bonnies move the ball down the floor quickly again as Lofton gets to the rim for a layup plus a foul on Armaan Franklin. After going seven minutes without a basket, Virginia has followed that up with another scoring drought of over three minutes. 

St. Bonaventure 12, Virginia 13 | 6:40 1H

St. Bonaventure takes advantage of a UVA scoring drought of over five minutes and Jaren Holmes gets to the basket for a layup to put the Bonnies back in front. Kihei Clark passes up an open layup in favor of passing to Kody Stattmann in the paint for a contested floater that misses - scoring drought nears seven minutes for the Cavaliers. Reece Beekman knifes to the basket and scores through some contact to end the scoring drought. 

St. Bonaventure 10, Virginia 11 | 11:39 1H

Franklin completes the four-point play at the line to give UVA a three-point lead. Armaan Franklin makes a great defensive play on Adaway, but he comes up limping and subs out of the game. Virginia turns it over and the Bonnies have a 2-on-1 fast break opportunity, but Reece Beekman hustles and makes a great chase-down block and then Kihei Clark is there to steal the ball after the Bonnies got the rebound. On the next possession, St. Bonaventure gets an offensive rebound and Abdoul Karim Coulibaly backs down Caffaro for a right hook. 

St. Bonaventure 8, Virginia 10 | 14:13 1H

St. Bonaventure scores the first bucket of the game as Jalen Adaway drives to the basket and scores off the glass. A long rebound leads to a runout for the Bonnies as Kyle Lofton finds Dominick Welch in transition for a dunk. Continuing his hot shooting from Sunday night, Armaan Franklin hits a three-pointer from the right wing. Adaway has an immediate answer as he gets inside for a basket. Jayden Gardner hits a pull-up jumper from the free throw line. Jaren Holmes' runner is long off the backboard but Osun Osunniyi is there for the putback. Beekman finds Gardner on the baseline for a jumper and he sinks it. Beekman throws a great cross-court pass to Franklin in the corner and Franklin hits the three-pointer plus a foul on Adaway.