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Virginia Tech Athletic Department Launches "Keep Jumping" Fundraising Campaign to Aid in COVID-19 Shortfall Recovery

The budgetary impact of COVID-19 could be upwards of $50 million for Virginia Tech's athletic department

The COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down the sports world back in March. That meant no NCAA Tournament, no spring sports and no spring football practice.

Naturally, that meant schools all across the country were going to face massive revenue losses, leading some to cut non-revenue sports altogether, while others looked for new and creative ways to generate revenue.

This week, the Virginia Tech Hokies announced a new initiative entitled the “Keep Jumping” campaign. The “Keep Jumping” campaign is “an initiative created to help navigate the financial impact of COVID-19 on Virginia Tech student-athletes, coaches, staff, and associates,” per the school’s official website.

"The 'Keep Jumping' campaign is vital for our department this year," said Director of Athletics Whit Babcock. "While we have taken measures to remain fiscally responsible during this time, we still need your support for over 550 student-athletes who call Blacksburg home. We remain 100% committed to our student-athletes, providing them with the resources they need for success while continuing their education at Virginia Tech."

Babcock cited a $50 million budget impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Keep Jumping” initiative is in place to help pay for scholarships, fund all sports, as well as academic support for all student-athletes, among other things.

Here are further details on how the “Keep Jumping” campaign works, per Hokie Sports.

If you purchased 2020 football season tickets:

  1. Keep Jumping and convert your 2020 ticket purchase and per-seat gift into a tax-deductible donation for 2020 and receive 5x priority points for your gift.
  2. Credit your ticket purchase toward a pre-paid account that can be used to buy future football game tickets in 2020 or 2021 while either leaving your per-seat gift in 2020, earning 5x priority points OR by crediting your per-seat gift toward 2021.
  3. Receive a refund on your ticket purchase and/or per-seat gift.

In addition to the benefits being offered football season ticket holders, the Hokie Club will be awarding 2x priority points for new or additional gifts made to the "Keep Jumping" Fund by clicking here. This additional priority benefit will be available through Wednesday, Sept. 30.

It appears the ACC is planning on playing the full 10+1 schedule model they recently instituted but it will be without fans or only a small percentage of fans in attendance. That means all universities are going to be relying on donations more than ever.