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Clemson and FSU to the SEC?

It's been reported that Clemson and Florida State are seeking membership to the SEC

According to Marc Ryan, a Greenville, South Carolina local radio host, Clemson and Florida State "have reached out to the SEC about joining the conference." 

Then stated the SEC's response, "The SEC is concerned that streaming numbers for Clemson + Florida State don't bring what Oklahoma + Texas do. Notre Dame is the only 'free agent' left that would 'add to the pot.'"

Clemson denied the allegations, according to Eric Mac Lain, a Clemson football alumnus and currently a college football analyst for the ACC Network and ESPN.

This might have come as a shock a few weeks ago, but after Oklahoma and Texas officially leaving the Big 12 Conference for the SEC in 2025, which there is plenty of speculation they will leave early, there will be another fallout if the report is true. The remaining eight Big 12 schools are wondering where their future lies and now, the rest of the ACC may be left in the same scenario. 

While the simple answer is to combine the ACC with the Big 12, we are left wondering if the Big Ten will make a move on any of the ACC schools. 

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There is nothing official, but if Clemson comes out soon and denies any communication, will anyone outside of the Clemson fanbase believe anything the Clemson administration has to say? Or, for that matter, any statements from the SEC that do not involve welcoming another program?

The ACC is or maybe was a hopeful destination for West Virginia, but until the dust settles, it's unclear what might be the best scenario for the 15th winningest program of all time. 

One thing is certain, this is all far from over. 

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