Former Mountaineers Pay Homage to Pat White

John Pentol

Coming to Morgantown as a skinny kid from Daphne, Alabama to a four-year starter, Pat White is arguably the greatest quarterback in West Virginia football history. If being the only quarterback in college football history to finish 4-0 in bowl games wasn't enough to impress you, he finished his career by throwing for 6,049 yards and 56 touchdowns while rushing for 4,480 yards and 47 touchdowns. But when it comes to discussing the best quarterbacks in college football history, he normally doesn't get the same attention as others.

Pat McAfee became the all-time leading scorer during his time in Morgantown and he is arguably the best kicker in school history. He would go on to have a very successful NFL career and now, has become one of the best entertainers within the sports media industry. From joining Barstool Sports, to eventually starting his own company, McAfee is one of the internet's most exciting voices. He also hosts a daily radio show and was a color commentator on ESPN's Thursday Night Football this past season.

McAfee recently tweeted his appreciation for Pat White and he had this quote about his quarterback on a recent airing to remind fans of college football of how electric White was on the field.

"Pat White is the most underrated and under-appreciated College football player, probably in the history of college football."

McAfee was White's teammate for four seasons and had front row seats to watching his excellence. McAfee frequently shows White the love he deserves on national airwaves. 

Another former Mountaineer legend, Geno Smith, who would go on to break all of West Virginia's school records for passing, had this to say about White.

Smith and White had different playing styles, but there is mutual respect between the two and both rank in the top three greatest quarterbacks in West Virginia history.

It would have been great to see White play in today's game as the run-first quarterback is more normalized. You see guys like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray, both strong armed quarterbacks but can beat you with their legs. Both guys who ended up winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming first round picks in the NFL Draft. Which makes you think, would Pat White have been a first round pick in the NFL if he were playing today?

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Definitely would be in the nfl today !! He was electric and had same caliber of speed as either Kyle Murray's or Lamar.. what football changed to just a few years after he played..

Terry Shorr
Terry Shorr

Among many, many great WVU players of the past, Pat White has been the greatest of them all. His stats and records attest to that. More than likely Pat would be in the NFL today.

A Train
A Train

Great article. Can see how Whites game has similarities to the premiere mobile QB's in the league.


Iffn y'all want to celebrate The MOUNTAINEER Pats, White & McAfee, Leave NO Doubt, then THIS video is for you: