How Ron Rivera's Firing Will Effect Will Grier

John Pentol

The Carolina Panthers have announced that they have fired head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera had a say in drafting former Mountaineer Quarterback Will Grier in the 2019 NFL Draft. During the preseason he told the media "he (Grier) is going to help the team some day".

Coach Rivera was also the one who made the decision to stick with Kyle Allen during Cam Newton's injury. Now with new leadership, maybe that will change.

Perry Fewell, the Panthers' secondary coach, will take over as the Carolina interim head coach. One of the decisions he will need to make is to decide if Grier will get snaps to finish the season or if he will have a chance to compete for a starting role in the upcoming season. Kyle Allen has been the starter since Cam Newton's injury and Carolina fans are starting to get restless. Allen may have started off hot, but has dramatically leveled off and the Panthers are on a losing streak and are at risk of not only not making the playoffs, but not winning any more games.

The Panthers should play Grier if Allen isn't living up to expectations. 

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With the season basically over for them they really do need to put Grier in to get some real game experience to see what he can do and better evaluate him for next season .

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