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Three Reasons Trevon Wesco Could be Primed for a Big 2020

Trevon Wesco was hardly utilized offensively in year one with the Jets, but could year two be a different story?

In his inaugural season in the NFL, Trevon Wesco was featured just three times offensively - 2 receptions for 47 yards, and 1 rush for 2 yards. 

While those three statistics aren't doing much for the "breakout season" case, bear with me while I articulate three reasons the 121st pick in the 2019 Draft might be the Jets' best tight end in 2020. 

1.) Depth Chart

Anytime I write an article looking onward at a season, I always start at the depth chart, because it provides the simplest context about a said player. Now, (a minor disclaimer), the depth chart isn't always 110% telling and, at times, misleading, but in Wesco's case, being that he just finished up his rookie season, the depth chart provides a pretty solid thumbnail of the coaching staffs current thoughts on him. 

Wesco is currently listed fourth on the Jets' depth chart. In front of him - Ryan Griffin, Chris Herndon, and Daniel Brown, all three guys that Wesco can differentiate himself from moving forward. Griffin, coming off a mediocre year, catching 34 passes for 320 yards and five touchdowns, is the best tight end on the Jets roster. Griffin has injury concerns and is 30-years old, meaning New York will be looking for Sam Darnold's safety net of the future, incomes Wesco. 

2.) Offensive Line Issues...

The Jets offensive line had the third highest-paid offensive line ($45.4 million) in 2019, according to ESPN, but vastly underachieved. Football Outsiders ranked their line, No. 31 in 2019, almost dead last. 

Several Jets reporters are expecting New York to draft an offensive lineman with the No. 11 pick in the draft. Assuming that they can get their target lineman, Alabama's Jedrick Wills, improving the line will be the main focus. 

Assuming that the line improves, Wesco will be primed to get more blocking roles, as well as open up the passing game through his blocking. 

3.) Matt Miller's Pre-Draft Comments...

Bleacher Report draft analyst Matt Miller had various amounts of praise for the former Mountaineer, particularly as an athlete, a swiss army knife and a blocker. Stating such phrases as "Blocking is top-notch, best among the 2019 tight end class" and  "improved as a route-runner and pass-catcher" prior to the 2019 NFL Draft. 

Wesco's stock rose quickly in the latter half of the 2019 season after hauling in 17 passes for 265 yards and a touchdown in the final five games. 

Assuming Wesco's role expands in 2020, I fully expect him to be a key ingredient in improving the Jets' pass and run protection, as well as being utilized in ways similar to Ty Montgomery, a current wideout/tight end turned power back. Montgomery currently plays with the Jets, meaning the coaching staff is already aware of this unorthodox setup. 

Now, imagine someone bigger, with the same amount of athleticism, but stronger in the backfield. 

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