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100 Thieves Drop Roster and Pick Up iiTzTimmy and the Dojo Roster for Apex Legends Global Series

  • 100 Thieves roster of Scuwry, Onmuu and Vaxlon placed 40th out of 40 in the ALGS Championship.
  • The Dojo, led by 100 Thieves content creator and streamer, iiTzTimmy placed 4th overall in the ALGS Championship.
  • 100 Thieves dropped their original roster and another player in the ALGS is claiming they’re going to pick up the Dojo in place of them.

100 Thieves Esports have announced on Twitter that they’ve released their entire Apex Legends roster following the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. According to Gnaske of Pioneers, they’re also set on signing The Dojo, the ALGS team put together by 100 Thieves streamer and content creator iiTzTimmy, though 100 Thieves Esports and the members of The Dojo have yet to confirm this.

Farewell 100 Thieves

Announced via Twitter, 100 Thieves Esports big farewell to their triple Mouse and Keyboard roster of Alex “scuwry” Scala, Brendan “Onmuu” Pode and Alan “Vaxlon” Gonzalez. Scurry and Onmuu have been on the team since October of 2021, with Vaxlon joining them in February of 2022.

The trio had a disappointing showing at the Apex Legends Global Series Championship where they placed 40th, dead last among all the teams gathered from around the world.

Is iiTzTimmy and The Dojo the Future?

The Dojo, led by 100 Thieves content creator and Apex Legends streamer, iiTzTimmy, placed 4th overall. Throughout the finals, iiTzTimmy and the Dojo even took fights against long-time legacy teams like TSM and NRG, winning in some cases.

It has yet to be confirmed by 100 Thieves, iiTzTimmy or his teammates, but Gnaske of the Pionners claimed in a tweet that The Dojo were signed according to his sources. We will update this article if 100 Thieves or iiTzTimmy confirms it themselves.

As a content creator and streamer for 100 Theives, iiTzTimmy is already signed to the organization and would simply be getting a bit of a promotion. But his teammates would likely still need to negotiate and sign contracts to join under the official 100 Thieves banner.