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4 Leaked Weapons Coming to Apex Legends in Season 20

Here are four leaked weapons that could be coming to future seasons of Apex Legends!

Apex Legends Rumored Weapons, Leaked Weapons Coming to Season 20, Fanatic, Gemini, Maelstrom and Scorpion Crossbow

  • The last weapon introduced to Apex Legends was the Nemesis energy assault rifle in Season 16.
  • There are four currently rumored and leaked weapons waiting for release in Apex Legends.
  • The weapons players could see coming in future seasons are Gemini (energy SMG), Scorpion Crossbow, dual-wield Fanatics (energy Pistol), and Malestrom (light LMG).

When is the next new weapon coming to Apex Legends and could we see it in Season 20? The developers at Respawn are constantly creating and testing things behind the scenes before they see the light of day. But sometimes we hear rumors or things leak and that’s the case when it comes to four possible weapons players could see in the future.

Those weapons are a set of dual-energy pistols called the Fanatics, a crossbow called the Scorpion, a light ammo LMG called the Maelstrom, and another energy SMG called the Gemini. Here’s what we know about them so far.

The Maelstrom LMG

The reality of the Maelstrom is that it was likely scraped as this leak originally goes back to Season 8 or 9. The Maelstrom Light Machine Gun used light ammo, which at the time, no LMG did. The Spitfire used to be a heavy ammo LMG but was switched to light ammo shortly after the Rampage was introduced so the division between ammo types for light and heavy wasn’t so wide.

Some of the early leaks and rumors had suggested that what made the Maelstrom special was that its ammo capacity would increase with each kill a player scored. It’s been some time since anything more on the Maelstrom has been found, so the truth is, that this gun was probably scrapped.

The Fanatics, Dual-Wield Pistols

The Pistol category in Apex Legends is the smallest with only the P2020, RE-45,  and Wingman, since the Mozambique is considered a shotgun.

Apex Legends only has three pistol-type weapons in the game.

Apex Legends only has three pistol-type weapons in the game.

Of those three, there is no energy pistol. It's also lacking a heavy ammo pistol since the Wingman was changed to sniper ammo several seasons ago. The Fanatics would solve that problem and bring a new element to the pistol category. Since the Fanatics are dual-wield a player holds one in each hand and can fire them simultaneously or one at a time.

But that’s not the only unique thing about the Fanatic pistols, they can also be charged up for a primed shot similar to how the Peacekeeper Shotgun works. Apex Legends YouTuber and Content Creator RossTheSquirrell shows us what the Fanatic pistol could look like if it’s introduced in Season 20.

The Scorpion Crossbow

Since the Bocek Bow was introduced, it came with a new type of ammo in the arrows. Even though they were rare, they cluttered up the ground loot of Apex Legends. The developers at Respawn got around this by making the Bocek Bow a unique weapon that players can only get out of the Care Package.

But if the Scorpion Crossbow was added to the game, it could mean the Bocek Bow also goes back to the ground. What would separate the Scorpion Crossbow from the Bocek Bow is that the Scorpion is supposed to be an automatic weapon.

This would mean the Bocek Bow stays in the marksman category and is used for long to mid-range precision shots. The Scorpion would probably also be a marksman weapon but would be suited for mid to close-range battles.

The Scorpion is also rumored at one point to feature a select-fire mode similar to the Bocek’s shatter caps. Where you can switch to a shotgun-like mode and fire multiple arrows at once.

Rumors were still hot around the Scorpion as of Seasons 18 and 19. Unless the developers at Respawn plan to keep the Bocek Bow in the Care Package full-time like the Kraber, they’ll need to create new weapons that also use the arrow ammunition to make it worth putting back on the ground.

The Gemini Energy SMG

There isn’t as much known about the Gemini, another energy SMG, which seems an odd choice considering Apex Legends already has the Volt energy SMG. The defining feature of the Gemini is that if you have one of them equipped in both of your weapon slots, they fire faster, swap faster, and reload faster.

The problem with the idea of the Gemini is that it would need to deal less damage and be slower firing than the Volt, or no one would pick up the Volt. But most players like to run two types of weapons, something long to mid-range and something mid to short range. Running two Gemini weapons to get the power boost would be a very niche play-style and players might just ignore them altogether.