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Apex Legends Treasure Packs Are Daily Rewards you Earn through Playing

  • You can earn one Treasure Pack per day by logging into Apex Legends and finding them in Supply Bins in the Battle Royale Mode.
  • There are usually around 45 Treasure Packs that you can get per season to unlock an epic weapon skin and Apex Loot Pack.
  • If you end up short come the end of the season, you can buy any treasure packs you might have missed.

In a battle royale video game like Apex Legends, there are two things that attract players; getting good and getting free stuff. With the Treasure Pack system that was introduced back in Season 5 with Loba, Respawn Entertainment basically added in a log-in reward system.

Here is everything you need to know about Treasure Packs in Apex Legends and how to get the most out of the system:

Treasure Pack reward screen in Apex Legends.

What Are Apex Legends Treasure Packs?

Treasure Packs are a lootable item with mythic quality, despite being surprisingly common, that you can currently only find in the battle royale mode of Apex Legends. You can find them by opening up supply bins around the maps, but you can only loot one of them a day.

Looting these treasure packs will unlock a free reward at the end of the match for you that can range from an Apex Loot Pack, to Crafting Materials or XP Stars for the Battle Pass.

The Treasure Pack Screen in Season 17 of Apex Legend.

Season 17: Arsenal Treasure Pack page in Apex Legends.

How Do You Get Treasure Packs in Apex Legends?

The Treasure Pack system in Apex Legends is kind of a glorified log-in rewards system, but it’s not as simple as just logging in. You do need to queue up for a match and seek them out, but they’re very easy to find if you’re just playing like normal.

Every supply bin you open has a chance to pop out a Treasure Pack. You can also loot them through Loba’s Black Market Ultimate Ability if they’re within range. It takes 45 Treasure Packs throughout the season to get the final rewards and since there are around 90 days in a three-month season you have more than enough time to collect them all.

Apex Legends Treasure Pack on World's Edge.

A treasure pack in Apex Legends.

What Are The Treasure Pack Rewards?

The Treasure Packs in Apex Legends can get you a ton of different rewards for collecting them.

  • Battle Pass XP Stars.
  • Crafting Materials for Cosmetics.
  • Apex Loot Packs.
  • Epic Gun Skin.

In the past, they’ve also awarded gun charms and special comic pages, or text-only stories that pertain to the current season. The gun charms were always the exact same model but with different skins. As of Season 17 Arsenal, when Ballistic was introduced, the comics and text-only stories were replaced with static images from Ballistics launch trailer and a general recap of his story.

The Season 17 Treasure Pack reward for collecting all 45 in Apex Legends.

Season 17 Treasure Pack Reward in Apex Legends.

Missing Treasure Packs?

If you’re playing regularly, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing out on any Treasure Packs in Apex Legends. There are normally 45 to collect in a season and the season lasts three months, so there is no rush to collect them all.

If, however, you do miss out on a few and need to play catch up at the end of the season, you can buy individual packs for 25 Apex Coins each and still get the rewards.

The screen for buying missing treasure packs in Apex Legends.

A screen for buying missing Treasure Packs in Apex Legends.