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  • RamBeau announced his retirement from professional Apex Legends on March 28th and two weeks later joined DarkZero Esports.
  • Snip3down and ImperialHal criticized RamBeau with Hal saying, “I lost a little bit of respect for him after that. Because that’s not how you treat your teammates.”
  • XSET’s Nocturnal defended RamBeau saying, “He wanted to take a mental break[...] he got approached and you just can’t resist that offer, it’s fucking DarkZero.”

After announcing his retirement from the professional Apex Legends scene on March 28th, Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy has found himself the hot topic of conversation. From the pages of Reddit to the Apex After Hours with Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos, everyone is sharing their thoughts on RamBeau retiring, then two weeks later joining one of the best teams in the ALGS Pro League.

RamBeau’s Decision

With half of the ALGS Apex Pro League done, RamBeau and his former team, the Sentinels, weren’t sitting well in the standings. He announced on March 28th due to a poor mental state and family related issues including a death, he would be stepping away from professional Apex Legends effectively immediately.

Just two weeks later, RamBeau was seen scrimming with DarkZero, a roster of back-to-back ALGS Champions who were in the Top 5 of the current Apex Pro League standings in North America. He released a statement about how he would be joining them after talking with his family and that it was an opportunity he couldn’t refuse.

In their first weekend as a team with RamBeau, DarkZero took one win, plus a third place finish, and had 32 kills for a total of 57 points. This earned them third place for Day 6 and tied them for 4th place overall with Complexity. Both teams are just one point behind Meat Lovers in 3rd.

The Pro’s Reactions

Some of the public and the pros alike aren’t happy with RamBeau as it seems like he just wanted to leave Sentinels because they were performing poorly in order to join DarkZero Esports. RamBeau says that was not his intention and he wasn’t in talks with DarkZero until they reached out to him after his retirement.

On Apex After Hours with Falloutt, Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen of TSM said, “I lost a little bit of respect for him after that. Because that’s not how you treat your teammates[…] I get it’s all about business and you want to be selfish, etc. etc. At least grow a pair and tell your teammates, ‘I don’t like playing with you Rkn or Keon. I don’t think I deserve to be on this team, I deserve to be on a better team’.”

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona who plays for FaZe Clan also criticized RamBeau saying, “It just doesn’t make sense to me how you retire from Apex one day and then crank out a 16 hour stream the next. The word “retire” to me carries weight. The word “quit” is much different”

In RamBeau’s original TwitLonger post he says he plans to keep streaming on occasion and keep in touch. Retiring from the professional Apex Scene and retiring from Apex streaming or content creation are two separate things. But a 16 hour stream and competing in Realm SoloQ Series casts a strange light after announcing a retirement from the competitive scene.

Brandon "oh Nocturnal" Singer of XSET supported RamBeau’s decision and defended him by saying, “Honestly, he made the right decision. I talked to RamBeau before making the decision, us as friends we talked about it. He wanted to take a mental break and he planned to leave for a full split and a full LAN. And he got approached and you just can’t resist that offer, it’s fucking DarkZero.”

For his side on the whole situation, RamBeau will be sitting down with Falloutt for an open and honest discussion April 17th at 9PM EST.