Who Is Artemis in Apex Legends?

Artemis is a codename for the next leaked legend in Apex Legends. Maybe.

A new legend has been leaked ahead of Apex Legends Season 23.

Prominent Apex Legends data miners and leakers have shared that they believe the next legend has the code name Artemis, believed to be a call back to a Greek goddess of wild animals. Here is what we know so far about the mysterious legend.

Who Is Artemis in Apex Legends?

Not much is known about Artemis, who hasn't been officially shared by Respawn just yet. Leakers have found a file called "ptpov_artemis_targeting" which has left many believing that she is going to be a recon style legend that has abilities focused on controlling animals. Others believe her abilities will focus on having a type of bow and arrow, since the Greek goddess of the same name sports this as her weapon.

A large rumor is that Artemis is Vantage's mother. She is known in the game's lore, named Xenia Contreras or Prisoner T-0323. She was wrongfully imprisoned for treason during the Outlands Civil War while pregant with Vantage, or Xiomara "Mara" Contreras. Xenia was sentenced to life in prison on a detention ship that eventually crashed on the surface of Pagos. This is where she raised her daughter.

A lot of Apex Lgends fans have been curious about Xenia and her badass story. Many have guessed she'd be a legend in a previous season but it never happened. Is Season 23 finally her time to get revenge?

Vantage mother Apex Legends

When Is Apex Legends Season 23?

Season 22 is coming in August. There is no date for Season 23 yet but it will be in the fall of 2024. Every Apex Legends season lasts for three months so maybe around November.

That will give leakers a while to find more information about Artemis ahead of Season 23's release.

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