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The biggest decision you can make during a match of Apex Legends, or any battle royale, is the first one you make. Where should you and your squad drop? Do you prefer to go in cold with no other teams around you so you have time to loot? Do you prefer dropping hot with other squads so you’re in a gunfight as soon as possible? Or do you put a little more thought into your drop spots so you can give yourself the best chance at securing the win?

There is a lot to consider when finding a perfect drop spot in Apex Legends. From what kind of loot you’ll get to what your rotation options will be as the ring begins to shrink. Here are some of the best drop spots on the newest Apex Legends map, Broken Moon.


The Foundry and a few others on this list may seem like odd choices considering how far out of the way they are. And there will always be a risk when dropping far to one side of the map that the rings could pull in the complete opposite direction multiple times making your match a cross-country sprint. Despite that, the Foundry is still a great choice for a drop zone.

When it comes to worries about needing to rotate far and fast, Foundry actually has three zip rails in three directions to help you cover a lot of ground fast. It can take you north to Production Yard which can take you further north to Dry Gulch. There are rails to bring you north of Cultivation into Promenade and another to the south and east that will take you past Atmostation and into Terraformer.

Rotation options aside, Foundry is a massive Point of Interest with enough room for your squad to split up and loot without stepping on anyone’s toes. If you’re communicating and picking up stuff a teammate might need, you can reconvene in the center before you rotate to finish gearing everyone out. There’s also a very high chance for a Golden item such as Helmet, Knockdown or a gun in the center of the building on the bottom floor. Foundry can also often have beacons and a crafting replicator.

Eternal Gardens

The Eternal Gardens is a massive POI, which means it can support a couple teams, but if you get it all to yourself you're going to be very geared by the end. The center structure is big and has tons of loot inside and the bins around it. It can also have replicators to the west, but the materials are very spread out. You’re also out in the open while crafting so be careful of snipers or ambushes.

Eternal Gardens, like a lot of great POIs on Broken Moon, has amazing rotation options. Besides having the only redeploy balloon in the entire map, you also have zip rails in and out of the area in multiple directions. You can leave Eternal Gardens into Stasis Array and Promenade as well as Terraformer. You can also make a quick trip into Divide to finish off any looting you may need, or use the high ground to the north for a cheeky third party.

With the addition of the Mirage à trois ship, it’s much more likely a team will land there and the zip rail from the back of Eternal Gardens to Divide along with the high ground puts you in a perfect spot to take an early fight.


The Divide has gotten a lot more attractive with the addition of Mirage’s party ship, the Mirage à trois. It makes it a perfect place for a single team with each player taking one area (north, party boat, south). With one pass-through, you should be able to get everyone comfortable weapons with great attachments. You’ll also very likely have crafting replicators and beacons for ring or player information.

The Divide has great rotation options with zip rails going north and south, allowing you to move into Terraformer from either direction or push towards Promenade. If you hear a big fight happening in Eternal Gardens, you have quick access from the west or east via jet rails.

If you’re contesting Divide, you want to take the high ground to the north if possible so you have a height advantage on your enemy and a quick escape route if things start to go bad.

Production Yard

This POI, like Foundry, can seem like it’s out of the way from a lot of the action. But a slow start in Production Yard can set you up for a fantastic late game. Like all great POIs, it has nearly perfect rotation options. Zip rails will deliver you swiftly to the south, north or east to push closer to the ring.

The POI is so massive it will have all the loot you should need with a few smaller, no-name POIs nearby to supplement any missing attachments. It often has crafting replicators and beacons for more information as well.

But the biggest benefit of Production Yard is that if the ring pulls towards you for late game, you have god spot on the roof that is further strengthened if you’re running multiple sniper rifles or marksman weapons. You can see far in nearly every direction and it’s easy to defend teams that have to push on up the side in order to displace you. Unless the other team is running multiple movement legends like Valkyrie, Pathfinder or Horizon, it’s one of the most defensible spots on the map.

Alpha Base

The final Point of Interest that makes for a great drop spot is an underrated one. Alpha Base in the middle of the northern section is often overlooked because the areas around it see a lot more action like The Core or Stasis Array.

But Alpha Base has great loot for a single team and can lead to really exciting fights in the snaking buildings if you’re dropping in contested. It can often come with a crafting replicator and beacons.

The only downside to Alpha Base is that it doesn’t have the best rotation options compared to other POIs on this list. You’ll likely never want to rotate into Backup Atmo unless the ring is pulling in that direction. Trying to cross into The Core is dangerous with so much open field and little cover. And Stasis Array and Promenade are always shooting galleries that can quickly lead to 3rd or 5th party endings.

A jet rail is a bit out of the way that could take you into the back of Eternal Gardens, but depending on where the ring is pulling you may be running from the zone as a result.

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