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Best Team Comps in Apex Legends in Season 18

Get ready for Season 18 and a new ranked ladder climb by using the best team compositions in Apex Legends

Are you looking to get a bit sweaty this summer while playing Apex Legends? While Apex Legends is full of interesting legends with various abilities, not all are made equal. Season 18 is upon us and that has brought a new legend and a new meta. Here are the best team compositions if you want to dominate ranked right now.

Bloodhound, Mirage, & Wraith/Pathfinder

You may be surprised to see Mirage after the suave yet useless legend spent so long at the bottom of tier lists. But this powerful trio is a great blend of mobility and intel gathering, keeping you ahead of unsuspecting opponents in clever ways.

Use Bloodhound to scan the area around you for enemies so you can figure out your next move. Further pinpoint enemy locations by sending out Mirage’s decoy to get some sneaky insight. Then use Wraith or Pathfinder to either aggressively move in before you’re suspected or even get away if the fight goes wrong. We recommend Wraith over Pathfinder since she can detect enemies who shoot at her, providing further information.

Lifeline, Loba, & Valkyrie

This powerful all-female team is perfect for players that want to be aggressive from the jump. The goal with this squad is to get high-tier loot as fast as possible, building up your arsenal so you’re ready to take on anyone nearby.

Then use Valkyrie for quick rotations. Head to the safest location ahead of your opponents, control a good spot, and then do a bit of camping. You’ll be prepared when enemies make the mistake of crossing your path.

Ballistic, Bloodhound, & Mad Maggie

This trio is all about dominating in team fights. Ballistic’s ultimate buffs your team’s reload and armed movement speed, which is paired with Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate to create incredible movement speed that can’t be matched. On top of all this, Bloodhound has an ultimate that buffs their own movement speed.

Your goal is to close the gaps when encountering enemies, overtaking them before they even know what’s hit them. Most teams won’t be able to keep up if you use your abilities intelligently. You’ll need a lot of communication to make this work but it’s worth it when you combine your ultimates to mow down enemies with ease.

Bangalore, Bloodhound, & Caustic

This interesting team comp is all about hunting down and trapping enemies. Use Bloodhound to track unsuspecting enemies, gathering intel that allows you to plan your attack. After moving in on your victims, use Bangalore and Caustic’s abilities to overpower enemies in closed-in areas. The blend of smoke and poison will ensure enemy legends are overwhelmed and distracted, letting your team easily move in and take them down.

This squad is perfect for third-partying. Search out teams that are already distracted in a fight of their own. As they’re fighting, smoke them, send down your artillery, and poison them. Basically, you’re hoping to catch unsuspecting teams and take control of situations where you weren’t expected.