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In the competitive Apex Legends scene tournaments are categorized by tiers (S through D). The level of competition and skill of the competitors is the main factor in determining the tier, but prize pools can sometimes play a role as well. ALGS Tournaments are considered S-Tier, but ALGS Last Chance Qualifiers are considered B-Tier, as some examples.

Here are the upcoming tournaments in the Apex Legends professional, competitive scene for 2023.

HER Galaxy Open


Date: May 19th - 20th and July 24th - 25th

Prize Pool: $100,000

Location: Canada - Online

HER Galaxy Open is an open tournament series exclusively for women that will feature some of the fiercest competitors in the scene. Starting with over 100 teams, May 19th and 20th will be Lower Bracket Round 1 and the Upper Bracket. On July 24th will be the Lower Bracket round 2 and on July 25th the finals.

Zephyr’s Showdown - May Qualifier #2


Date: May 19th

Prize Pool: TBD

Location: Europe - Online

This event is put on by ZephyrCasts and is a monthly format consisting of 2 Qualifiers and 1 Final. In the qualifiers 20 teams play the first one, 10 of them move on to the second qualifier and the top 10 from that will advance to the finals.

Douyu - 2023 Titan Cup - Season #1


Date: May 18th - 28th

Prize Pool: $8,624.79

Location: China - Online

Is a tournament that takes place from May 18th through the 28th. The tournament series consists of 2 groups of 40 teams playing a Best of 6. Participating teams include 10 invited Chinese teams, 10 invited non-Chinese ALGS Pro League teams and 20 teams from qualifiers. Teams play through group stages and bracket stages with the finals playing on May 28th using a match point system.

Apex Legends Global Series: 2023 Challenger Circuit #4


Date: June 17th - 19th

Prize Pool: N\A

Location: Online

  • North America
  • EMEA
  • APAC-South
  • APAC-North
  • South America

The ALGS Challenger Circuit provides teams with the opportunity to qualify for the ALGS 2023 Championship Last Chance Qualifiers. Winners of each region will earn a spot in the last chance qualifiers of their respective region.

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Split 2 Playoffs


Date: July 13th - 16th

Prize Pool: $1,000,000

Location: London LAN

The ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs will be the second of three LANs taking place in London this year. This will be the finale that finishes off the Split 2 before the ALGS 2023 Championship later this year. With a $1,000,000 prize pool on the line teams from all over the world will be competing for their share as well as trying to secure their place in the Championship.

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Last Chance Qualifiers


Date: July 21st - 23rd

Prize Pool: N\A

Location: Online

  • APAC North
  • APAC South
  • North America
  • South America
  • EMEA

Last chance qualifiers for all regions will give teams that haven’t made the ALGS 2023 Championship a chance to earn their way in. These teams will all seeded based on their finishing placement in the Split 2 Playoffs, the Split 2 Pro League and the Split 2 Challenger Circuits.

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship


Date: Pending

Prize Pool: $2,000,000

Location: London LAN

The date has yet to be announced, but the ALGS 2023 Championship will be the final LAN in London for the 2022-2023 Season of the Apex Legends Global Series. It’ll feature the biggest prize pool in the pro scene of $2,000,000 with $600,000 going to first place.