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  • The HER Galaxy Apex Legends Open Tournament Series features a 100k Prize Pool, the largest ever prize pool for a women’s Apex Legends event.
  • The Tournament Series will feature three events through April and June with Play-Ins on April 28th and 29th and Bracket Play on May 19th, 20th and June 24th.
  • The Finals for the HER Galaxy Apex Legends Open Tournament Series will conclude on June 25th.

Galaxy Racer North America has announced a new open tournament series for Apex Legends through their HER Galaxy initiative. With a 100k prize pool, the HER Galaxy Tournament Series becomes the largest prize pool to ever be offered for a Women’s Apex Legend event.

Women have always been a part of the Apex Legends ecosystem with competitors like TSM’s Laurice "GuhRL" Habibi who just announced she’d be participating in the ALGS Challenger Circuit with teammates Jane "Janey" Newstead and Isabella "Avuhlie" Rivera. One of the North American ALGS Year 3 broadcast teams is also a line-up of extraordinary talent in Victoria "VikkiKitty" Perez, Tiffany "spidertiff" Jane and, Chung "ParallaxStella" Stella.

What is the HER Galaxy Tournament Series

The HER Galaxy Tournament Series is a three-part open competitive event for Women to participate in the Apex Legends competitive scene. The series is part of Galaxy Racer’s gaming initiative focused on competition and providing significant opportunities for gamers who identify as women.

There are seven planned events in 2023 with a combined prize pool of $250,000 and 8 days of broadcasts. The HER Galaxy Tournament Series will be the largest scale tournament series exclusively for women-identifying gamers who want the chance to compete at the highest levels.

The first two tournament streams of the series brought in 400k live views with a peak viewership of 8,600 on the Galaxy Racer Twitch Channel.

Apex Legends has one of the most diverse groups of characters in competitive gaming with several gender identities and lifestyles represented across their growing cast. The most recent addition is Catalyst, the first openly trans character in any of the top tier esports and competitive hero genre games.

“Apex Legends was built with diversity and representation in mind, and we’re committed to fostering that same philosophy through competitive gaming. We’re proud to support Galaxy Racer as we work together to create opportunities that elevate women in our global Apex Legends community.” John Nelson, Sr. Director & Commissioner, Apex Legends Esports, Electronic Arts.

Where and How to Register

If you’re looking for a chance to prove your skills in the Apex Legends competitive scene, you can register at The three part open tournament will take place in April and June. The key dates for registration, play-in, brackets and the finals are as follows.

  • Tournament Registration Deadline: April 18, 11:59pm ET
  • Play-in Day 1: April 28, 8:00pm ET
  • Play-in Day 2: April 29, 6:00pm ET
  • Lower Bracket Round 1: May 19, 8:00pm ET
  • Upper Bracket: May 20, 6:00pm ET
  • Lower Bracket Round 2: June 24, 6:00pm ET
  • Finals: June 25, 6:00pm ET

With less than a week to register remaining, there are over 330 women already registered. For more information about the event you can visit the HerGalaxy Apex Legends Open announcement here.

Growth and Support for Apex Comp Scene

Besides the Apex Legends Global Series, tournaments and competitive environments continue to grow with the additions of events like HER Galaxy Tournament Series or the Realm SoloQ Tournament Series. It’s important for the Pro Apex ecosystem to continue to offer support and opportunities to gamers of all types.

Another major content creator who has been around since Apex Legends launch is streamer LuLuLovely. She’s played for legacy organization NRG, is a constant competitor in the Challenger Circuit Apex Tournaments and has hosted her own B Tier tournament, Lulu’s Throwdown, in the past with a $50k prize pool.

There has been some recent pushback from women Apex competitors for exclusion from non-women focused tournaments, such as the recent NICKMERCS tournament that only featured two women among the 60+ competitors. But tournaments like HER Galaxy will give women a chance to prove they’re just as skilled as anyone else in the space.