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Ever since iiTzTimmy popularized the Bronze to Predator Challenge in Apex Legends, other streamers and pros have been finding ways to increase the challenge. FURIA player and arguably one of the best players in the game, HisWattson, just finished a run from Bronze Rank to Apex Predator wearing no armor and he did it in under 200 games.

Is HisWattson the GOAT?

Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin is considered to be one of the number one players in ALGS and Apex Legends even amongst non-pros and content creators. He and his team, FURIA, took 2nd place at the 2022 ALGS Championship and after completing a challenge like this, it’s hard to argue.

HisWattson streamed every single game and started each one by dropping his armor while flying out of the airship. It took him 47 hours of game time across two streams and his channel capped out at 11,142 viewers while gaining him over 8,500 new followers. HisWattson says a highlight and story video will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks for those who missed it.

How Did He Do It?

In the reddit thread for the achievement everyone is wondering how something like this is even possible? The earlier ranks against Bronze, Silvers and Golds were child's play to a professional player like himself. His game sense and aiming alone is enough to 1 v 3 most players at that level and does make you question where the challenge of it all comes into play.

But as he rises through the ranks and eventually comes up against teams who communicate and can play around one another, his tactics have to change. Legends with movement and escape capabilities are a must.

Loba was a common pick according to one redditor since her bracelet let him get out of sticky situations and her Black Market ultimate ability guaranteed that he could have his pick of weapons and would have more than enough meds. Octane was another smart pick thanks to his jump pad, stim ability, and natural health regeneration.

In the higher ranks HisWattson also had to play more passively, utilizing long range weapons like Sniper Rifles to get kills by third partying teams, instead of going in aggressively. Though being able to constantly one-clip your enemies is a useful skill to have when you are face to face with the opposition.

What is HisWattson’s Next Challenge?

Apex Legends content creators have been pushing themselves further and faster with these insane challenges, so who knows what is next on his list. But fans in the reddit thread had a few suggestions.

People in his chat were suggesting solo to masters fuse no guns but he said he doesn't think it will happen. -ESG Pandepic

I want to see one where he can’t crouch, slide or climb -SableGlaive

I want to see solo to masters with no audio -ajones80

He could just keep rotating the guns. He's done sniper, Shotgun, and Mozambique. You can just keep doing a new challenge with each gun individually but I do feel that would probably get old quickly -Sultansofpa