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ImperialHal Gives Advice on Ranked Update for Season 17 Arsenal

  • TSM ImperalHal says now is the best time to take early engagements in Apex Legends Ranked since the punishment is so low.
  • Entry cost for a Ranked Match is 35 LP, but surviving until the top 10 will net you +20 LP, even if you never fire a shot.
  • He recommends now as the best time to take as many fights as you can and improve your gun skill and fundamentals.

Since the launch of Season 17: Arsenal, Apex Legends Ranked has undergone the biggest changes the game has ever seen. The results of the shake-up have been interesting to watch, to say the least. But the so-called CEO of Apex, Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen, streamer and pro player for TSM, shared some words of wisdom for anyone looking to improve in the new season of Ranked.

ImperalHal Says Get Good

ImperialHal thinks you should just drop early and take as many fights as you can and rack up the kills. With a low entry cost and very little punishment for dying early, Hal says it’s the perfect opportunity to refine your gun skills and game fundamentals.

Regardless of if you’re queuing with your squad or running solo. He also teases that anyone can rat in a tree like Sweets from NRG, who made it all the way to Predator in 50 games without firing a single shot. Whether or not ImperialHal is serious or just trying to make fun of the ranked changes to draw more attention to it…he’s actually right.

Ranked Apex Legends is Easy Mode

In Season 17: Arsenal, the entry cost for ranked was equalized across all tiers of play. Whether you’re in Rookie or Predator, you pay 35 Ladder Points for entry. If you make it to at least 10th place, you’re guaranteed a positive score of 20 Ladder Points even if you never fire a single bullet.

Even if you go out in the first few minutes of the match, if you manage to do any damage or get any kills you’re probably only losing around 20 or so RP. If you can make it to the top 10, you’ve negated whatever you lost the previous game.

If you managed to actually win or even make it into the top 5 or 6 with some kills, you’re likely gaining upwards of 100-200 Ladder Points. Making climbing in ranked as easy as it has ever been before.

So, as the CEO himself says, just drop hot and get good. What are you really losing out on?