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Apex Legends players were sad to see no new legend in Season 16 (due to a huge legend class overhaul). But Season 17 is almost here and there are already an abundance of leaks revolving around the possible new legend joining the roster, Ballistic.

Who is Ballistic?

This name has been officially and unofficially thrown around leading up to Season 17, but who exactly is Ballistic?

The first official teaser came in the form of a magazine cover players found in the Firing Range. The magazine cover read: “Going Ballistic? The Next Apex Competitor Could Come From a Combat Dynasty.”

This seems like a pretty cut and dry announcement on Ballistic’s eventual arrival from Respawn Entertainment. But that didn’t stop leakers from finding further evidence about Ballistic, including some very telling voice lines.

  • “Huh… Ballistic? THE Ballistic? That brings back memories, brotha. Always bet on him back in my Thunderdome days. Gonna be wild squadding up with his kid. [laughs] He’ll have Gibraltar to keep him safe.” - Gibraltar
  • “Man, what do I gotta do to get my cover story? Whoah, what is this? Yeesh, glad I don’t have to live up to my dad’s legacy, am I right? This is so sad…” - Mirage
  • “Huh, some light reading. Huh, Brinkman? Yeah, that name rings a bell. Herald he rang plenty of bells back in the day. [laughs] Wonder if I could get Junior here to lend me the old racket?” - Rampart

According to the leaked voice lines and the latest issue of Rumble Royale magazine, it seems that August “Ballistic” Brinkman will be the next legend being added to the roster. And it seems like his father may be Kuben Blisk, a popular Outlands fighter from Titanfall, based on his appearance. It’s said that Ballistic may be an arms dealer and already know some of the legends on the roster.

What Are Ballistic’s Abilities in Apex Legends?

Unfortunately, not much is known about Ballistic’s abilities but it’s believed that he will be in the Assault class of legends. This means that his abilities will be focused on dealing damage. It’s believed that his kit will involve a lot of weaponry and that he may have an ultimate that improves his teammate’s weapon capabilities.

Here is what a leak from the beginning of 2023 said about Ballistic’s capabilities:

  • Passive: Weapon Sling — A sling where you can store a third weapon that’s accessed via your inventory. This weapon won’t be able to use attachments.
  • Tactical: Smart Bullet — Shoot a projectile that debuffs enemies by heating up their weapon as they shoot. Overheating will deal damage.
  • Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer — Nearby enemies get a buff that provides faster reload speed, unarmed move speed, and infinite ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon will be equipped and upgraded to Gold.