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Did Apex Legends Tease a New Heirloom for Season 20?

In the first trailer for Season 20 of Apex Legends Lifeline can be seen using a brand-new Energy Sword Heirloom weapon.

Apex Legends Season 20 Universal New Heirloom Energy Sword Lifeline

  • In the Season 20 Breakout Launch Trailer, Lifeline is using an Energy Sword-like melee weapon.
  • Last season, the Buster Sword was introduced as the first Universal Heirloom.
  • Could Lifeline be getting a second heirloom, or is this a tease of future Universal Heirlooms to come?

The Season 20 trailer for Breakout in Apex Legends is finally here and it’s full of all kinds of easter eggs, hints, and clues as to what to expect from it. But one thing that stands out is a moment near the beginning that features Lifeline and a new, sharp-looking melee weapon. Could this be a tease for an upcoming event with a new Universal Heirloom like the Buster Sword? Or could it be a new weapon coming in a Limit-Time Mode like the Throwing Knives in Gun Run? Here’s what it could mean for Apex Legends players…

Lifeline Energy Sword Heirloom

In the trailer Lifeline runs up a car, taking out an energy sword that is very reminiscent (if not a bit smaller) of the Energy Sword from Halo. She jumps into the air and comes down on Ballistic before coming up to meet Loba and Mad Maggie in front of a Catalyst wall.

There is currently only one reason for a Legend to have a melee weapon in Apex Legends and that’s if they have their heirloom. A non-combat weapon that serves only as a cosmetic upgrade to using your fists for melee attacks.

Lifeline wields an energy sword heirloom melee weapon in the Season 20 Breakout Trailer for Apex Legends.

Lifeline wields an energy sword heirloom melee weapon in the Season 20 Breakout Trailer for Apex Legends.

What is the Energy? The most likely answer is a future Universal Heirloom similar to the Buster Sword, that any Legend will be able to use. When it comes to heirlooms being in development, most of them leak in one way or another. We know that Crypto’s recolor is in the works, that Newcastle has a sword coming at some point, and for a while, there was a rumor about a free heirloom that players could unlock by doing in-game challenges and quests.

When the Buster Sword came out, everyone assumed that was what the rumored free Universal Heirloom turned out to be. But maybe a free heirloom that any player can get if they put in the work is still on the horizon?

For more on what is coming in Season 20 Breakout check out our full patch notes here.