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"I'll do whatever it takes to win" Pred Discusses Seattle Surge Late Season Push

Pred talks to us about how he came into the Call of Duty League and how his team prepares for each match.
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The final push to Call of Duty League Champs is heating up, with the Seattle Surge leading the tight race in the middle of the standings. After a promising start to the year where they finished top-2 in Major 1, struggles began to find the team. Nearly every game they end up losing is a closely contested match that could go the other way if the bounce were to favor Seattle. But that's Call of Duty, and people will focus on the loss rather than their overall performance. 

How can Seattle Surge win close games?

"We just have to keep working hard and make sure that we bring the same intensity into practice. If you ask any pro team, when the intensity is higher, and you know you're playing with a high-intensity practice, that's always the best practice. So whenever you're like that, it tends to transition into the game. Once you take the foot off the pedal, then you start slacking a little bit." -Pred

As someone that consistently brings the intensity, he says the level needs to increase throughout their practice rounds. Games are going to be tightly contested throughout the final matches of Major 5 and when Champs roll around. If Seattle wants to prove they can hang with the top teams, they're going to need to show that they can finish off hard-fought games.

What makes Pred so great?

"My mentality, my competitive drive. I'll do whatever it takes to win. I like to separate myself from other players just to try and get that edge and I'll just drive myself to be the best I can be. The way I see the game and the way I approach it, I want to make sure that I'm always getting better and elevating my game." -Pred

Coming off of a Rookie of the Year season, Pred is proving to be one of the best slaying SMGs in the Call of Duty League. He's consistent in every game mode, and while Seattle is loaded with talent, Pred is a massive reason for the success they've found. With the MVP conversation being a popular topic, his name should be mentioned more than it currently is.

Where's Pred's mindset?

With 40 points currently separating Seattle from the Vegas Legion, who is one spot out from missing Champs, and up just 10 points on Boston Breach, every game is crucial. Close gunfights need to be won, and close rounds need to be finished off. Where is the mindset for Pred and his team after tough finishes to the past couple of Majors?

"We're trying to focus up as much as we can. Major 3 and Major 4, we started off with 4-1 splits. We did really well online. We just came to the tournament and had some unfortunate events. Major 3, we lost in round 11 for the top three. Who knows what happens if we win that map? Major 4, we're up two nil against RØkkr with 15 seconds left on Control and end up losing that series. We've had some heartbreaking losses in tournaments. People don't really recognize that. They see the L for the L. After Major 4, I had to go home for some personal reasons. We didn't really get to practice for almost 12 days. But I'm happy with that win that we got last weekend and we're just trying our best to get into Champs." -Pred

Will Seattle make Champs?

While nothing is absolute until all is said and done, it's looking fairly certain Seattle will be competing in Champs. They would have to completely lose out the rest of the way, and Vegas would have to win their final Qualifier match and get top-3 in Major 5. With a team of Pred, Sib, Accuracy, and Mack, it's unlikely that scenario plays out. If they can close out Major 5 more positively than the last Major, Seattle could be a sleeper to make a deep run in Champs.