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Best Lachmann Sub (MP5) Ranked Play Loadout: Build and Attachments

With the new Call of Duty MW2 update, find out why the Lachmann Sub is the new SMG meta.
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New metas are making their way into Call of Duty after the season update to Modern Warfare 2 Season 03. It's pulling Ranked Play players away from the original metas to try different weapons. With changes and updates to the game, attachments to weapons can vastly improve its performance and your overall gameplay. Here's how you should build the Lachmann Sub to get the most out of it.

*This build with its attachments is meant for CoD MW2 Ranked Play but also works for Warzone and Multiplayer, where tuning is allowed.


Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider

While there are slight reductions to the handling, the improvement to the recoil steadiness helps you easily hit mid-range shots, which sets this sub apart from the others. With how quickly you can ADS the Lachmann Sub, there's not much difference when adding the Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider.


FSS Sharkfin 90

A universal underbarrel that can be used with any gun and is used by many Pro Call of Duty League players. To be an SMG player, you need speed and quickness to fly around the map and win close-range gunfights. The Sharkfin offers no reductions while improving your accuracy.


L38 Falcon 226mm

Make up the speed reductions from the muzzle by adding the L38 Falcon 226mm barrel. It adds to the overall movement of the gun and helps you ADS quicker so that you can start firing before your enemies. 


FT Mobile Stock

The FT Mobile Stock offers very little reduction to recoil control and sprint speed while adding to your aiming stability and ADS speed. Like adding the Sharkfin as the underbarrel, the improvements by adding this stock vastly outweighs the reductions.

Rear Grip

Lachmann TCG-10

To improve the recoil control and hit shots from all ranges, you're going to need the TCG-10 rear grip. It will remove most of the recoil while you're firing, keeping a smooth pattern, which will help you hit your shots. It keeps the speed and overall movement needed to run an SMG and will keep your shots straight like an AR.

Best Call of Duty MW2 Lachmann-556 Ranked Play Season 03 Updated Gun Build

  • Barrel: L38 Falcon 226mm
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Muzzle: Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10
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How to Watch the Call of Duty League

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