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CDL Major 4 Early Reactions: What Fringe Team Will Qualify for Champs

With the start of Major 4, fringe teams need to make a strong push if they want to make Champs. But what team will that be?

The ups and downs of teams in the Call of Duty League seem much more drastic than in years past. The game style of Modern Warfare 2 has caused teams to adjust game by game. So far, we've seen several surprising roster moves that appear to be panning out for teams contending for the final Playoff spot. With three teams fighting for the final Playoff spot, who will be left behind?

We are one weekend into the Major 4 Qualifiers, and before you know it, we'll be discussing Major 5. After that, it's the Postseason, and there's not much time to make adjustments to ensure a spot to compete in Champs.

Seattle Surge

Currently holding on to the 7th seed, Seattle has started to pick up steam lately. They went into Major 3 as the No.1 seed, but Atlanta FaZe bounced them to the Losers Bracket and shortly after, OpTic would end their tournament run. 

While they lost 3-1 to the Los Angeles Thieves last weekend, it was a tightly fought battle. A few things go their way, and they win that match. Toronto Ultra took them to game five, but Seattle was able to pick up the victory.

Seattle is closely competing with some of the top teams in the CDL. There's no guarantee of anything happening in this tightly competitive league, but the way they're playing, they have to be the favorites out of the bunch to make the Post Season.

Minnesota RØkkr

Things were looking gloom and doom before last weekend for Minnesota. After starting Major 1 off as the No.1 seed and getting Top 3 at Major 2, they took a spiraling downturn. Their SnD was lacking, and they were incredibly inconsistent in the respawn game.

Minnesota decided to bench Dillon "Attach" Price and added Kevin "Fame" Bonanno, which proved deadly for their opposition. Fame was doing the dirty work while throwing a few slaying moments throughout the matches.

If Minnesota can play as they did last weekend, they should be able to hold off anyone trying to catch them in the CDL Standings.

Vegas Legion

Vegas appears to be hitting its stride at the perfect time. They put themselves in a bit of a hole to start the year, sitting just outside the Top 8. They made the move to drop Brendan "2ReaL" Stockdale and add Eli "Standy" Bentz, which is looking like the best move any team has made this season.

Standy was dropping bombs last weekend. In their one match against Boston Breach, he put up 60k/52d for a 1.15 K/D. The entire team was flowing nicely. They were rotating at the right time and being in the right place to trade kills or be traded.

The way Seattle and Minnesota played last weekend, it will be an uphill climb For Vegas to catch them in the standings. But, with how they looked last weekend, don't be surprised if they can squeeze their way into the Post Season.