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The first match of the Call of Duty League Major 2 in Boston is underway, with Toronto Ultra taking on the London Royal Ravens. Ultra showed that they are a dangerous team on the back of Scrap. They could arguably be the best team in the CDL right now, but the Ravens are going to look to stop them in their tracks.

After making the roster change, subbing out PaulEhx for Skrapz, they will look to revitalize their team and make a strong run into the second weekend of Major 2. 

Here is the layout for this match:

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Round 1 - Marcado - Hardpoint

Winners: Ultra 250-166

The struggles continue for the Royal Ravens, despite the roster move during rostermania. They couldn't get much going all round, rarely getting within 100 of Ultra. Toronto would quickly get to the hill, and even if they were beaten to the hill, they would quickly get kills and get on top of the point. Scrap running the TAQ-56 (SCAR) was nasty, finishing the round with a team-leading 28 kills and completely dominating the Ravens. Nastie made a solid late-game push on the hill for the Ravens, but it wasn't enough to hold off Ultra, and it's looking bleak early for them.

Round 2 - Embassy - Search and Destroy

Winners: Ultra 6-4

Round 1

The Ravens started with the bomb and quickly pushed B-side, with Insight for Ultra starting the round off with a quick snipe across the map toward the Raven's spawn. But Asim made a quick push up the middle to take care of any stragglers, finishing off the final Ultra player. Ravens up 1-0.

Round 2

Ultra, with the bomb, held the office building upstairs but was quickly taken care of by the Ravens. Scrap, the only one left for Ultra, held off the Ravens just long enough to keep them from being able to defuse the bomb. Despite getting killed off, Ultra ties the match up 1-1.

Round 3

Asim started the first two rounds with five kills for the Ravens and continued that dominance, stacking two more kills to finish the round. They killed off the rest of Ultra to get the round win and take the lead 2-1.

Round 4

The Ultra took it personally, having Asim go 7-0 in the first three rounds. They quickly took care of him and moved through the map smoothly to take down the rest of the Ravens and tie it up 2-2.

Round 5

Ultra defending kept the entire Ravens in the back of their spawn. Newcomer for the Ravens, Skrapz was the last alive and quickly getting pinched. Ultra quickly picked apart the Ravens and regained the lead 3-2.

Round 6

Ultra's Insight continues to use the sniper towards B-side as they head in for the attack. He quickly picked off Skrapz, who was going for the peak on the balcony. Despite his dominance in other modes, Scrap gets picked off by Asim for the Ravens as they go for the defuse and the round win. It's tied back up 3-3.

Round 7

Asim starts the round for the Ravens with a nasty kill, jumping out of the office, doing a 180 and getting the kill. The Ravens made quick work of Ultra, with Scrap the last one left. But he got finished towards B-side across the map for another Ravens' round win to take the lead 4-3.

Round 8

Ultra's Insight made the switch to AR, holding down top office. He was able to tag one but got taken out by one of the attacking Ravens. CleanX was struggling for Ultra but made a nasty play, killing one of the Ravens players on the B-side, then quickly flipping and snapping to the player coming from behind. The map is back to being tied, now 4-4.

Round 9

After eight rounds of lightning-quick play, both teams slowed it down. It took until ten seconds left in the round for the Ravens to plant the bomb, but Scrap was sitting there and waiting for Ultra. He gets the kill and the defuse, and now Ultra is one round win away from taking the victory on the map. 5-4 Toronto.

Round 10

In another round of slower play, Ultra gets the bomb down with all eight players still alive and 45 seconds left in the round. Asim got a couple of quick kills with just seconds left to give his teammate some time to get to the bomb for defuse, but it wasn't enough, and Ultra get the win, 6-4.

It was a tightly contested battle, with both teams going back and forth, trading kills and regaining leads. Asim was absolutely wrecking Ultra, but it wasn't enough to stand the likes of Scrap and Standy with Insight on the big gun. 

Round 3 - Hotel - Control

Winners: Ultra 3-2

Round 1

Skrapz for the Ravens was starting to get in his groove as the team quickly captured B. They struggled to find room to enter A, with Ultra locking down all four corners of entry. They nearly finished off the Raven's lives but held them off long enough to keep them out of A. Ultra takes the lead 1-0.

Round 2

With Ultra attacking, the Ravens were slow to defend and attack Ultra on B, quickly conceding the point. They then made a final push towards the back, shutting the door on the Ravens to hold them off from closing A. Ultra takes a commanding 2-0 lead, putting the Ravens one away from a loss on the weekend. 

Round 3

With both teams pushing B during their attacking rounds, the Ravens do the same again, quickly closing B. Standy for Ultra did a great job defending B at the end, but the Ravens made a final push to get the final tick on the point and notch one under their belt. Ultra is still leading, now 2-1.

Round 4

With Ultra attacking, they again quickly get all three ticks on A with a light push from the Ravens. To defend B, Nastie for the Ravens made a looping play around the map to cut off Ultra. He caused enough problems for Ultra to get set up on the A-side, and the Ravens held them off just long enough for a last-second defending win. They tie it up 2-2, as it comes down to a final round to decide the map.

Round 5

With Ultra defending the final round, CleanX started the round holding off the Ravens on A-side, with Scrap following up to help clear the way. The Ravens moved their way to B and nearly closed the point, but Ultra did a great job clearing it and getting a win with time running out. Ultra takes the round 3-2 and closes out the match 3-0.

It was going to be an uphill climb for the London Royal Ravens to pull off a victory against one of the better teams in the Call of Duty League. The entire Toronto Ultra roster has been performing at a high level this season, which continued to start the weekend. 

It started with pure domination on the first round of Hardpoint, as Ultra gave the Ravens zero chance of making any comeback and quickly shut them down. The second round of SnD was much closer and well played by both teams, but the Ravens couldn't close out the map despite a valiant effort. The final round of Control was separated much further than the final score will tell. Ultra wrecked the Ravens for most of this round but let two rounds slip.

For the Ravens, Skrapz, the newcomer on the team, looked to hit his stride on the final map. While that didn't change the outcome, future matches in Major 2 could start turning their way with the strong play of him and Asim. But the way the London Royal Ravens' roster is laid out, it's looking like a rough road ahead.

Winners: Toronto Ultra 3-0