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Since the release of Ranked Play on February 15, Call of Duty multiplayer has been the talk of the town. Players get to show off their skills against some of the best CoD players. 

The rules emulate what it's like to play in the Call of Duty League. You have the same maps, the same types of game modes, and the same restrictions; outside of the Gentlemen's Agreement that the CDL teams have between each other.

On Tuesday, after Major 3 concluded, it was announced via the Call of Duty League Twitter that the Assault Rifle Katsov 762 and Weapon Tuning would be added to the restrictions for Season 02 Reloaded on March 15.

Now, when you go to build your weapon, you won't see the option to tune your guns how you want them. Weapon Tuning, which is GAd in the Call of Duty League, seems to have many of the serious players excited, while the new update could hinder others. 

For players that used the Kastov 762, it's time to find a new favorite AR. The gun used by most Ranked Play players and all Pro Call of Duty League players is the TAQ-56. If you need a build for this gun, this is what all Call of Duty League Pros are using.

It's a bit surprising that Call of Duty decided to ban the Kastov 762, but with the CDL banning it, they need to follow suit, which is why many are drawn to Ranked Play. Now, five of the 11 ARs are banned.