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Back in October 2022, Minnesota ROKKR announced that they would be hosting two Home Series events in the 2023 Call of Duty League season. These Home Series events would see two opposing Call of Duty League teams play against Minnesota ROKKR on LAN in front of a home crowd. Today, Saturday, April 1, is the first of these Home Series events, with the second to be hosted on Saturday, May 6, during Major 5 Qualifiers.

Minnesota ROKKR has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the Call of Duty League and was even the host of the inaugural 2020 Call of Duty League opening weekend. However, some competitors aren’t happy with the idea of ROKKR’s Home Series event.

Clayster Voices Disapproval

Today, Minnesota ROKKR will take on the Florida Mutineers and the Los Angeles Guerrillas in front of a home crowd. The Florida Mutineers and the Los Angeles Guerrillas both sit 40 CDL points behind Minnesota ROKKR in the standings, while Clayster’s Las Vegas Legion is just ten points shy. With Minnesota ROKKR currently occupying the 8th and final CDL Champs qualification spot, it’s easy to see why opposing players wouldn’t be happy. Playing in front of a crowd brings its own set of nerves, but playing in front of an opponent's home crowd brings even more.

Ben Nissim responded to Clayster by commending Minnesota ROKKR, saying that he wants to see “cool local events [that] bring more awareness to the league.” However, Clayster brought up the major issue of integrity. “I care about my team making Champs and this is only hurting us,” he said in response.

Ben Nissim also revealed that teams will be using Sound Equalisation at the Minnesota ROKKR Home Series event. This further brings the question of integrity to light.

Sound Equalisation has been a big issue in the Call of Duty League so far this year, and it was revealed by Afro and Attach at Major 2 that the League PCs have banned it on LAN.

Therefore, if teams are using it at this event, they must not be using the CDL LAN PCs, or the League has backtracked on its decision to ban it on the mainstage.

Why is ROKKR the only team hosting a Home Series?

In theory, every Call of Duty League team could host a Home Series such as this one. However, every team has a different financial situation, and it’s safe to assume that putting on an event like this isn’t cheap. While it does bring the issue of integrity into question, it can only be a good thing for the Call of Duty League to have more fans through the door in a local setting, bringing more exposure and fans to the League.

The Minnesota ROKKR kick off today’s action by taking on the Florida Mutineers at 3 pm ET before returning again for another match against the Los Angeles Guerrillas later on at 6 pm ET. You can watch all of today’s games on the Call of Duty Twitch Channel or one of the many watch parties.