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Competitive Warzone Streamer Aydan Stepping Away From Warzone 2.0

Aydan is known as one of the current best Warzone players but is taking a step back from the game.
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The news broke on March 27 that Aydan, a popular and successful Warzone streamer and competitor, is stepping away from the game. He plans to continue streaming but will do so on a different game and will likely start playing Call of Duty Ranked Play instead. 

In a Twitter post, Aydan posts a video stating he might play Fortnite, specifically dabbling in Creative 2.0, but you will mainly find him playing Ranked Play. He said he really wants to try Elden Ring and has had a lot more fun playing other games outside of Warzone 2.0.

He's not saying his Warzone career is over. Aydan plans to return to the Battle Royale game once Season 3 drops, which should be out around April 12. 

It's no secret that content creators and many others that play Warzone 2.0 aren't happy with the direction the game has taken. The looting isn't as efficient as in other games. Selecting loadouts and tuning guns have made things more complicated. And the constant bugs that are consistently popping up have made the game tough for most. Don't even get people talking about the lack of movement it offers.

Aydan had this to say on Twitter about his time on Warzone 2.0:

I feel like the game is super stale right now. There's nothing new and exciting on it. You guys know me - I'm a super competitive person. That's what I'm known for. High roller wagers, tournaments, and there's really none of that in Warzone 2 right now. Wagers are super dead. I've tried to play wagers the last two days just because I haven't in a while, and no one wanted to. Tournaments, we've only had a couple of big tournaments since the start of the game. We really only have Twitter tournaments, and the prize pool isn't that rewarding and on top of that, the custom tournaments aren't even filling anymore. Super letdown on the competitive side of the game.

This could be just the first domino of many that could fall. We've already seen a few big-time streamers make the switch to other games or stick to Ranked Play. If a major change doesn't happen in Season 3, could this be the last we've seen of Aydan on Warzone? Will other streamers follow suit? All we know for sure is that many have asked for Warzone to go back to the Verdansk days and even go back as recently as the Rebirth Island days.

There aren't a lot of details as to what Season 3 will offer besides Ranked Play in Warzone, but one thing is for sure - everyone will have their eye on massive changes moving forward.

You can watch the full clip Aydan posted on Twitter here: