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As we inched closer to the opening weekend of the Call of Duty League, the excitement of the new game and changes to teams have been greater than ever. The first match was thrilling, with Boston Breach taking on Atlanta FaZe. 

The opening match kicked off with a bang. ARs were the main gun being used, strictly the M4, but occasionally you'd see switches to SMGs. With snipers being allowed in SnD, the thought was that you'd see some highlight quick-scopes, but there were none. Trophy systems were a big help in most of these rounds, halting stuns from being effective and proving to be valuable pieces of equipment.

Round 1 Hardpoint

Map: Embassy

For most of the round, FaZe dominated, getting out to an early lead and dominating hills. SlasheR, the newcomer in Atlanta, started his season strong in round one, proving he can be counted on throughout the round, getting 26 kills and owning a 1.44 K/D. But Breach almost landed an enormous comeback at the end. FaZe ultimately ended up winning 250-207, and they appeared to be showing their dominating form, as they showed for most of last year on the back of Simp, who had the team-leading 1.56 K/D.

Round 2 SnD 

Map: Al Bagra Fortress

FaZe got out to a hot start and appeared to be on their way to another round of victory, but Breach had something to say about it. Owakening put the team on his back, carrying them with ten kills and 1284 damage on their way to a 6-3 win, tying the match at one. He had a phenomenal rotation through the main building to catch FaZe off guard, getting the two-piece and defusing the bomb. Owakening had highlight after highlight in this round. For FaZe, Simp continued his dominance after round one, landing three first bloods and getting four non-traded kills. However, his performance in this round needed to be more to get the win.

Round 3 Control

Map: Al Bagra Fortress

After losing the lead and seeing what Breach was about, FaZe pushed hard to regain control of the match. Vivid was playing smooth and fast for Breach, running and gunning his way through the map, getting quick kills, and capturing zones. Cellium for FaZe played well, leading them in non-traded kills with 16, for a total of 18 and the only positive K/D with a 1.20, but failed to capture any zones. Breach thoroughly dominated FaZe on the backs of Vivid and Methodz, winning 3-0 to take the lead in the match and putting FaZe one game from taking the loss.

Round 4 Hardpoint

Map: Zarqwa Hydroelectric

This water-filled map has numerous areas to utilize head glitches and long-range battles. With FaZe on the brink of losing, they came out firing. Simp came back out doing his thing, carrying the load for them and ended the round with a strong 1.10 K/D. But it was short-lived after Breach got settled. Owakening started to slip up early, making unnecessary pushes early in the round, but they turned it around quickly and ended the round with 27 kills. Vivid was making some dominating rotations to catch FaZe lacking. Simp kept his great start to the season going this round, making smart plays with his rotations and head glitches and led the team in damage with 2971. FaZe dominated the first half, but Breach made a comeback and secured the victory.

The first match of the Call of Duty League did not disappoint. The majority thought FaZe would cruise past Breach, and maybe they thought they would too, but they ultimately took the 3-1 loss. Owakening looks to be a force to be weakened with this year, and the team as a whole has a lot to be proud of and can build on. Despite the disappointing loss, FaZe shouldn't hang their heads. Simp had a strong showing, and the team's newest member, SlasheR, showed some promise.